When to Stop Testing: The Customer’s View

On our forum, there’s a discussion about when to stop testing software – when enough testing is enough.  There are a lot of good answers in the discussion, but one that I wanted to highlight is the voice of the customer.

The customer expects certain things from their software.  A consumer may not care if the software crashes once in a while, but a business may expect greater reliability.  It doesn’t matter if a game displays a single pixel in the wrong color, but it does matter if every time the player opens a treasure box the entire screen turns purple.

How can you tell what the customer needs?  Here are a few tips:

  • Involve the customer early in the process.  If possible keep them involved throughout the rest of the design process to make sure the product continues to meet their expectations.
  • Connect specifications to the needs of the customer.  Make sure that developers understand what the customer wants.
  • Test from the customer’s point of view, not just what the specification says.  Testers should not just advocate for correctness, they should advocate for the customer.

There are just a few tips to involve the voice of the customer in the testing process.  The customer viewpoint will help answer the critical question about when the software is good enough and when to stop testing.

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