uTester Spotlight: Steve Greenhill

It’s our amazing team of dedicated and passionate testers that shapes and defines uTest. And it’s the community’s diversity – 80,000+ testers, in over 190 countries, on thousands of different devices, touching every nook and cranny of the globe – that gives it its unique flavor.

These nooks and crannies include the home of uTester Steve Greenhill, a United Kingdom native. Steve, who is also a Test Team Lead in the community working closely with testers and customers, has been with the uTest community as one of our top testers since joining in 2010.

As a Gold-rated Functional and Silver-rated Localization tester, Steve first came to uTest upon the recommendation of a colleague. Playing to his Computer Science and testing background, Steve quickly found that uTest fed into his passions, and before he knew it, he had worked his way up to the highest rank and distinction a tester can achieve.

It’s not all serious business, though – our testers work and play hard, and their eclectic hobbies are a perfect representation of that fact. Steve enjoys cooking, football (not American football!) and is an avid photographer.

You’ve heard far too much from me though about Steve. Meet him for yourself below:

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