uTest Named 16th Fastest Growing Company By #Inc500

It’s been an exciting summer for the citizens of uTest Nation:

As startup junkies, we put in some stupid hours building uTest. And much of that time, it’s about keeping your head down to focus on execution and optimization… that’s part of building something from scratch.  But sometimes, you need to pause, lift your head up, and take stock of how you’re doing compared to other hard-charging startups.

With that in mind, we were downright giddy to hear that uTest made the Inc. 500 list as the 16th fastest growing private company in the U.S.  We made the list thanks to an almost-comical three-year growth rate of 8,284%. That’s ridiculous, ludicrous, <insert other hyperbolic adjective here> growth.

Beyond the numbers, earning a spot atop this list is a validation of our crazy idea that web & mobile apps need to be tested in-the-wild.  That was a kooky concept when we launched it at TechCrunch Disrupt 11 months ago.  But more than ever before, companies are starting to understand that their apps have to work flawlessly in the hands of users, regardless of OS, browsers, devices, carriers, locations and other criteria.

Users just expect your apps to work, dammit. And if they don’t, then those same users are not at all shy about using social to tell the world, which raises the cost of spotty app quality.  So we’d like to thank the perfect storm of users with outlandish expectations and big mouths!

Seriously, this is just the beginning.  uTest and in-the-wild testing isn’t about web or mobile.  It’s about apps.  And as the apps economy continues to expand beyond smartphones and tablets to e-readers, gaming consoles and connected TVs, we feel extremely optimistic about our near- and long-term future.

Making #16 on a list that includes B2B brands like Marketo, AdRoll, Spigit, Pardot, uSamp and Facebook – and Boston startup leaders like Acquia, HubSpot and Gazelle – is a win in my book. That’s the type of company we set out to build, and the standard to which we hold ourselves.

Sincere thanks to our employees, customers, testers and investors.  Next year it’s top 10 or bust!

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