Top Ten Software Testing Events

Quality (pun intended ;)) software testing events are hard to find, but we’ve not only attended and spoken at some fantastic conferences around the world, but we’ve also simply asked around and received some great feedback in order to compile the Top Ten Testing Events.

Much like our Top 20 Software Testing Tweeps post, we need your help in letting us know if we’ve accidentally missed any good ones. Here they are in order of occurrence:

  1. QUEST-Quality Engineered Software & Testing Conference (Apr 19-23, 2010: Dallas, TX)
  2. Rapid Software Testing-By DevelopSense (Jul 5-7, 2010: Amsterdam, NL)
  3. STANZ-Software Testing Australia/New Zealand (Aug 23-24: NZ & Aug 26-27: AU)
  4. CAST-Conference of the Association for Software Testing (Aug 2-4, 2010: Grand Rapids, MI)
  5. STAREAST (passed) & STARWEST-Software Testing Analysis & Review (Sept 26-Oct 1, 2010: San Diego, CA)
  6. iqnite events-Next one in UK-formerly Software & Systems Quality (Oct 4, 2010: London, UK)
  7. STPCon-Software Test Professionals Conference (Oct 19-21, 2010: Las Vegas, NV)
  8. GTAC-Google Test Automation Conference (Oct 28-29, 2010: Hyderabad, India)
  9. Expo: QA (Nov 16-18, 2010: Madrid, Spain)
  10. EuroSTAR (Nov 29-Dec 2, 2010: Copenhagen, Denmark)

Have we omitted any noteworthy testing conferences you’ve recently attended? Please add your recommendations in the comments and they’ll be placed in the running to join the top events list. Maybe we can make this list a Top 15!

UPDATE: So far, some really great recommendations from our community include O’Reilly Velocity, Bangalore Workshop on Software Testing and VISTACON 2010 (the first Vietnam International Software Testing & Automation Conference).

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  1. says

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    particular blog, so I was thinking maybe I could receive your
    advice on something. Do you leave everybody’s comments?
    Even those that drive you crazy? I just don’t know what to

  2. says

    Hi Jennifer -

    We’re hoping that you’ll be listing the top ten testing events again for 2011. If you are please do consider the Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference (PNSQC) held in Portland, Oregon on October 10-12.

    More information at

    Thank you.

  3. Haritha Tadikamalla says

    Hi Jennifer,

    If I am not too late…
    There is an international conference on “Practical Software Quality and Testing” at Minneapolis, MN during September 13th – 17th, 2010. It seems interesting from the description.

    And, there are some other training classes held at different parts of USA. Please refer this link for further details


  4. says

    Hi Jennifer,
    Love this list, and love the fact that STANZ is at #3…cannot wait until it is #1!
    Just a quick point…the dates for the conference in Wellington are 23-24th August…not 23-34th August. It would be great if it went that long and the 34th actually existed :-)
    I’m looking forward to seeing lots of testers there.

  5. says

    Hi Jenifer,

    I have a recommendation on the Vietnam International Software Testing And Automation Conference 2010 (VISTACON 2010).

    VISTACon 2010, The FIRST Vietnam International Software Testing and Automation Conference expects to bring together over two hundred professionals, experts, and engineers from the US, Vietnam and the APAC region, who are interested in software testing and quality to share and learn the latest state-of-the-practice in software testing and test automation.

    For more information about VISTACON 2010, please visit

    Thank you.


    Thuyen Vu

  6. says

    Hi Jennifer,
    I do not know if I am making a valid recommendation but after re-reading the title which talks about event, I recommend “Bangalore Workshop on Software Testing”. To know more about it you can visit 2 links [ 2 workshops completed as of now which is yearly ]



    Santhosh Shivanand Tuppad

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