The Best of In-The-Wild Testing (so far)

A few weeks ago we launched our In-The-Wild Testing blog, dedicated to the lighter side of testing (amoung other topics). If you haven’t visited yet, you’re really missing out. Here are a few of the top stories so far:

Sharks With Frickin’ Laser Beams Attached To Them
What better way to test your latest laser product than by attaching it to a live shark? Dr. Evil would be proud.

Test Requirement: Proofread
When testing, it’s important to read the content carefully to see if you any words out.

The World’s Worst Water Slide
It looks like it was designed by Dr. Suess, but this water slide is definitely not for kids. Or adults. Or even crash test dummies.

Coding Error Disturbs Coding Contest
Making mistakes is embarrassing enough, but making a coding mistake in a system designed to sell tickets for a coding event to coders is a whole new level of red-faced “oh-uh.”

Five Products That Will Make You Angry
The Pringles can, the over-sized power adapter and other products that will make you want to kill indiscriminately (or just get mildly annoyed).

Who Needs a Bathroom Break? Not Gamers.
These kids are really into gaming.

There’s a Wolf Under Your Couch Cushions
Actually, it’s a new “scream tone” to help you locate your missing phone.

In-The-Wild Testing Milestone: The Flying Car
Flying cars? Sign me up.

Peter the Elephant Tests the Galaxy Note
It doesn’t get much wilder than this.

Is that Your Android or Are You Just Happy to See Me?
Is it a condom? Or is it Android device?

Poorly Thought-Out Abbreviations
The Wisconsin Tourism Federation should consider re-branding.


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