Testing Lessons from Getting Married

This may seem like an odd place to announce this, but I got married last weekend!  It was a great event, and my new wife and I are thrilled to be together.  We had a small wedding in New Hampshire, invited our family and a few friends, and had a great time.  Love is great.

Now that I’ve shared my happiness with the world, I wanted to add some software testing lessons from getting married.  Yes, there are a few things you can learn about software testing from a wedding:

  • Good Project Management is Key! My wife deserves the credit for this, and our wedding worked out incredibly well.  Just about every complex testing and development project needs solid project management as well.  Our upcoming webinar is about boosting your testing process with better testing project management.
  • Be Flexible! It’s almost impossible to “test” a wedding, so inevitably something will happen.  Rather than let those things ruin your wedding, be flexible enough to deal with them when they come up.  From a software testing point of view, being flexible means being able to handle all of the challenges that come from last minute changes, quirky bugs, and complicated environments.  A good agile testing approach can be a life saver.
  • Clear Communication is Essential! Our wedding went really well, but the little things that did come up were because of a lack of communication between participants.  For software testing, make sure your testers, developers, project managers, and product managers are all on the same page.  Keep open lines of dialog, and spend as much time sharing information as possible.  Good communication is one of our keys to agile testing success.

Oh, and the last point is the most important:

  • Have Fun! Enjoy what you do and look for happiness wherever you go!
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  1. Doron Reuveni says

    Congrats Stanton

    uTest is taking you out wednesday night to the “British Beer Company” in Framingham. Drinks are on me if you mention the name uTest.

  2. Katie McGraw says


    Quite a creative post…a fourth post could be “There’s No ‘I’ in Team!” In both testing and marriage, team work plays an essential role. In one instance, team work involves both a husband and wife pitching in – from doing dishes to walking the dog. From a testing perspective, a team of testers helps define quality by working as a cohesive unit. And so the list goes on…talk soon!

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