[Video] MORE uTest Interviews from #QUEST 2012

As QUEST 2012 wraps up our intrepid videographer Stanton Champion snagged one more interview to keep the rest of us non conference goers up-to-date.

This time Stanton checks in with Anaf Durrani, of Orbitz, and gets a recap of Anaf’s standing-room-only presentation on mobile testing and continuous integration.

Orbitz wanted to be on the forefront of the mobile trend and realized they needed to refine their testing strategy. Anaf discussed how Orbitz went about choosing the tools they use and how they decided on the company’s unique combination of testing. Here, we’ll let Anaf explain:

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#STPCon Interviews – Noah Sussman

Another STPCon presenter we were excited to meet was Noah Sussman. Noah is a test architect at Etsy – a great place to buy and sell handmade goods online. Etsy has built out a phenomenal test and deploy architecture that minimizes extra steps and and works seamlessly for rapid deploys. Noah’s STPCon presentation is about Etsy’s testing approach using this architecture, and we were able to get his summary on video:

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#STPCon Interviews – Lanette Creamer

We’ve talked to a lot of people this week at STPCon, but nobody can quite create waves like Lanette Creamer. Outside the box is where Lanette exists, and she’s constantly looking for new ways to challenge the mindset of software testing and push it forward. When she’s not blogging, she’s building her new test consulting business, training others, and promoting software testing best practices.

We caught up with Lanette and asked her about her STPCon presentation. She’s a strong advocate for pairing different kinds of people together so that they can each learn new things. Today, she talked about pairing programmers with non-programmers. Here’s her summary:

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#STPCon Interviews – Karen Johnson

Our next video from our STPCon 2011 video series is with Karen Johnson. Karen is the owner of Software Test Management, Inc. and has been an active contributor to software testing conferences and quality assurance groups for many years. We caught up with her and asked about the mobile testing workshop she ran earlier this week:

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#STPCon Interviews – JoEllen Carter and Jerry Odenwelder

Here’s the latest interview in our STPCon 2011 video series. Jerry Odenwelder (a product owner) and JoEllen Carter (a tester) from VersionOne weren’t communicating as well as they could. So the two of them got together and realized that product owners are from Mars and testers are from Venus. Realizing this was worth telling the world, they put together an STPCon presentation. Here they are with a synopsis:

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#STPCon Interviews – Robert Walsh

Next up in our STPCon 2011 video series is Robert Walsh. Rob is the president of Excalibur Solutions, an agile consulting firm. After giving a session titled Adapting Conventional Testing Strategies for an Agile Environment, Rob took a couple of minutes to share his thoughts about how testers can better fit with an agile processes.

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#STPCon Interviews – Rex Black

Are you attending STPCon this week in Dallas, TX? If so, good for you! If not, well have we got a treat for you. uTest is a platinum sponsor for STPCon this year, and we’re here meeting with some of testing’s top experts and thought leaders. Oh, and did we mention that we brought along a video camera, too?

For the next couple of days, we’re going to be sharing some quick video interviews with some of the testing world’s smartest people. Keep an eye on the uTest blog to hear some great testing ideas about testing, agile, Harry Potter (wait, what?) and to find out what’s happening here at STPCon.

First up, we got to talk with Rex Black. Besides being an author and former president of ISTQB, Rex was also a Testing The Limits guest back in November, 2010. He’s currently the president of RBCS, Inc., a leader in software, hardware, and systems testing. To learn more, check out the RBCS blog, or follow them on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Rex’s keynote was about the importance of metrics in testing. Not just any metrics, mind you. The right metrics!

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Friday HTML5 Fun – Testers Rock

American band Ok Go is well known for their sensational and imaginative music videos that combine simplicity with raw imagination. Their latest video is no exception, but for this one they took it one step further. After partnering with Google, they have created an HTML5 video/multimedia/app thing that takes full advantage of the capabilities of Google Chrome.

Being big fans of HTML5 and music videos (we were part of the MTV generation, after all), we couldn’t pass up sharing this. We’ve also included a little message in the video for all you software testers out there. Fire up Chrome and watch the whole thing here.