New Pics From Google’s Test Automation Conference! #GTAC

As uTest’s October Tour finally winds down, we wanted to share a few more pics with you from abroad. As you know, uTest exec John Montgomery was selected to attend the invite-only Google Test Automation Conference (GTAC) in Hyderabad this week (uTest’s second year in a row!). A few little Twitter birds (Pradeep Soundararajan and Joel Hynoski) also announced that uTest was mentioned several times from the stage during talks of crowdsourced testing and Mozilla’s crowd strategy. A fantastic event overall! Click here for all Day One and Day Two pics.

Here are a few of our faves (click to expand)…

GTAC begins!

John networks with GTAC attendees

Pradeep Soundararajan presenting

GTAC crew huddles together for a quick pic

Can you find John? Click for hint.

Doc James Whittaker presenting

Check out the spread!

Delicious authentic Indian food

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And The Winners Of The Best #KickAssApps Are…

In hot tech news today, Google releases its URL shortener (cool!), Facebook upgrades its photos (cooler!), Foursquare 2.0 for Android arrives (nice!), Twitter’s Promoted Trends appear at the top of the trends (meh) AND… the winners of the “Where’s The App For That?” Twitter contest are announced (woooo!!!).


-1st place: @rodydio, the geo-party app, wins an iPod Touch
-2nd place: @Ed_Wing, the thoughtful alarm clock app, wins a Nano
-3rd place: @OrenTodoros, the swear-in-any-language app, wins a Shuffle

Thank you again to everyone who participated, including the incredible voter turn out! 621 people turned up to support their favorite apps. Special thanks to our honorable mentions @linzlovesyou, @statelessSH, @Omeriko21, @the_qa_guy and @eurekalopes.

There were so many good ideas – let’s hope someone out there is listening and creates them for us. We’d be happy to test them! :)

Essential Guide to Mobile App Testing

Vote For The Coolest #KickAssApps

Well, it’s that time! Last week we kicked off the “Where’s The App For That?” Twitter contest and this week we’re asking YOU, our amazing community, to pick your favorite app from the most creative/entertaining/funniest mobile apps below.

The “inventors” of the top three apps with the most votes will win new iPods! We’ll officially announce the winners this Fri, Oct 1.

Which Mobile App Is The Coolest KickAssApp?

  • @statelessSH - On-demand verbal translation app; as I talk, it translates to the chosen language for the user on the other end (5%, 29 Votes)
  • @Omeriko21 - An app that generates things Chuck Norris can’t do (4%, 27 Votes)
  • @rodydio - App that tells me the events/parties that I could attend today or in that week nearby me (56%, 350 Votes)
  • @Ed_Wing - App that sets alarm clock sound from my library depending on weather, time, day of week (analyzes soundtracks) (15%, 91 Votes)
  • @linzlovesyou - Cheating Guy Alert app; tells you when you're on a date if he's a cheater so you don't have to learn the hard way (5%, 31 Votes)
  • @OrenTodoros - Seriously need a 'swear-in-any-language' app (13%, 78 Votes)
  • @eurekalopes - A lie/stress detector app that analyzes the voice on incoming call to detect if a person is lying (1%, 8 Votes)
  • @the_qa_guy - An app that shows the cables and pipes inside the walls of my flat so I don’t hit them when drilling holes (1%, 10 Votes)

Total Voters: 621

Loading ... Loading ...

Thank you to all who participated in the contest! We received many great ideas last week. If you would like to connect directly with or follow our top “app inventors,” please check out their Twitter profiles at: @statelessSH, @Omeriko21, @rodydio, @Ed_Wing, @linzlovesyou, @OrenTodoros, @eurekalopes and @the_qa_guy.

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Where’s The App For That? Tweet Your Best Ideas and Win A New iPod

Ever visit your app store of choice — whether it be Apple, Android or BlackBerry — and not find the app you really need?

Well, here’s your chance to tell the Twittersphere your best ideas. Be creative, be innovative, be wacky & off the wall; the best ideas will win shiny new iPods.

1. Follow @uTest on Twitter
2. Be creative! Tweet/Reply to @uTest with your wacky or useful, non-existent mobile app with the contest hash tag #KickAssApps

Example: @uTest a video app that watches where you’re driving so that you can text, email, play doodle jump & drive simultaneously #KickAssApps

The contest will run for the duration of this entire week — Sept 20 thru Sept 24 (11:59pm ET) — so get your ideas in soon!

The top ten most creative/entertaining/funniest mobile apps will get shortlisted by the uTest team. We’ll then post the top ten best ideas on the uTest blog for three days — Sept 28 thru Sept 30 (11:59pm ET) — and let our readers choose their favorite app through a poll. The “inventors” of the top three apps with the most votes will win a new iPod! We’ll announce the winners on Fri, Oct 1.

–1st Place: iPod Touch
–2nd Place: iPod Nano
–3rd Place: iPod Shuffle

So, next time you’re on the road — working, gaming, social networking, reading, listening to music, taking photos, or just checking the weather — and can’t find the app you’re looking for… Ask yourselves, “Where’s The App For That?” and tweet your best ideas. Good luck!!

For official contest rules and legalese, see our Terms & Conditions.

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Twitter Bug — The Tweet That Doesn’t End (@ 140 characters)

The Twitter bird has been seen a lot more than the Fail Whale in the past few month — a testament to the company’s investments in infrastructure. But now, a third species has jumped into the Twitter spotlight: the bug.

And while this particular bug has since been squashed by Twitter’s engineers, it’s still an interesting defect. As all of the major new media heavyweights noted, this Twitter bug briefly enabled the brevity-challenged among you to stretch your legs and break free from the shackles of 140 characters. To put it more plainly, let’s bring in Alexia Tsotsis (@alexia) from TechCrunch:

The Twitter bug which has left many befuddled is exploiting a length limit flaw in the new URL shortener, allowing users to tweet out non-URL links of outrageously more than 140 characters

If you’d like to reproduce the effect, and it seems to be catching, you can visit, add whatever you want in place of “yourtext,” copy and paste your new URL to Twitter and long tweet away.

Update: Looks like the nimble engineers at Twitter have disabled the feature within the hour this post went up, much to everyone’s dismay. Scripting News’ Dave Winer went so far as to create a web app for the Fat Tweets.

For those of you who follow Twitter (sorry, couldn’t resist), check out the entire TechCrunch article, as well as Mashable’s take.

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