Your uTest Experience: Past, Present and Future

What is community management without measuring the pulse of your community? Every now and again it is important to take a step back from the frantic happenings of the day-to-day activities of uTesters and look at the bigger picture. All too often, we forget about the profound and incredibly human impact we have on the lives of uTest’s biggest asset, our testers.

At the end of 2011 we did just that and asked our testers to tell us about their uTest experience. Those of us on the community management team were certainly touched by the impact these experiences have had on their lives and we believe that they may be enlightening to other readers as well.

Here is a small sample of the great stories that were shared:

I found uTest on a fluke; I’d heard there was a group online looking for help and I searched for ‘online testing’ and uTest was found. Though I’ve only been with them for a couple of months, it’s been fun. Now let’s get it straight, work is not always fun, but with uTest the diversity of products and engaging clients and testers make it fun. I’ve worked in small startups and large companies; uTest seems to embrace the individual aspect of a small company though the clients may be very, very large. Always approachable and quick to reply, the folks running the group have earned my deep appreciation and respect. Of the dozen or so of projects I’ve worked on, each is unique, and sometimes has follow-up work.

I’m looking forward to 2012 with uTest.

Good going!

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uTest Nation Photo Contest Entries and Winners

With over 45,000 testers around the world, we’re always looking for fresh and interesting ways for uTesters to network, learn, and have fun.

The uTest nation photo contest was launched as a fun way for testers to show off their creativity and to literally visualize diversity that comprises uTest community. uTesters were challenged to take photos of themselves in interesting places displaying the uTest logo. Creativity was encouraged. The conditions for each entry were that uTesters needed to pose with a provided uTest logo, and must be safe for work. For instance, testers could display the uTest logo while exploring the Parthenon, on holiday at the Eiffel Tower, or even while visiting world’s largest ball of yarn. While some uTesters were able to shoot photos in person on location, others were able to display their Photoshop skills to create some fun photos.

Through the course of the contest we received 21 submissions from all around the world, and the winners were completely chosen by the community through a weighted average voting system. Once votes were tallied, our team evaluated each photo to make sure entry rules were adhered to and then calculated the winners.

Existing forum members can visit the photo contest topic to see all the entries. If you’re a uTester and haven’t registered for a forum account yet, be sure to register today so you can check out all of the photos and stay informed of future contests! Click below to see the winning photos and honorable mentions.
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Bug of the Month Winners Announced!

We’re excited to announce winners for our inaugural Bug of the Month contest! The top prize goes to Gagan Talwar from India, who submitted a bug related to invalid payment deductions from a credit card company. In a nutshell, this credit card company invalidly deducted the minimum amount due on a credit card bill without validating whether or not a previous payment was made – minimum, full or somewhere in between. To end on a positive note, he was able to work things about with the credit card company and received a full refund for the invalid deduction.

What is the Bug of the Month contest? If you did not have a chance to enter last month’s contest, here is more information to prepare you for the next one. The contest will run every two months, and is open to the entire uTest tester community. Testers have the opportunity to submit the most intriguing bug(s) they have come across, and fellow testers then rate the submitted bugs from three categories: Exceptionally Valuable, Very Valuable, and Somewhat Valuable (borrowed directly from uTest’s system of tiered bug approvals). After the voting phase is complete, uTest evaluates the votes across all submissions and awards the top three reports based on highest weighted averages.

How do I win? Based on participation from the first competition and standard uTest projects, there are three major tenets to an exceptionally valuable report:

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Pictures of the Fourth uMeetup: Shenzhen, China

We’re excited to share the details of our fourth uMeetup event – held in Shenzhen, China. In case you missed the details of our other 3 uMeetup events, you check them out here. uMeetups are local networking events organized by top testers and sponsored by uTest. Invitations are extended to all software testers in the local vicinity to meet in person, listen to presentations on special software testing topics, and learn more about participating in paid projects with uTest.

Colin Zhang, a silver uTester organized this latest uMeetup where testers gathered from Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou. They enjoyed making introductions, exchanging testing experiences, and generally enjoying each other’s company. Meeting at a Starbucks at Zhongxin Square,  lively and caffeinated discussions were surely had.

We’ve received some great feedback from testers who have taken part in uMeetups in the past. Being passionate about testing and about uTest seems to be a common thread that brings these testers together.

Want to have a uMeetup in your area? Check the forums to find the one nearest to you. If you don’t see your country on the list  apply for a sponsorship here.

Take a look at a  few pictures from the event after the jump:
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Caption Contest For Software Testers!

Caption Contest: A contest that shows an amusing picture and asks viewers to send in what they think the people in the picture are thinking, or simply a funny statement that describes the picture.

I suppose I’ll get things started:

  • Meet the world-record holder for most consecutive hours of testing.
  • “Technically yes, I did ask for more tester support.”
  • Today’s Lesson: User Interface Testing
  • PETBT: People for the ethical treatment of beta testers

Now it’s your turn. Give it a go in the comments section.

Oh, and in case you forgot, we’re currently running a more formal contest (for a chance to win an iPad 2) on our Facebook page.

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