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Eliminating the Middleman: Millennials Gravitating Toward Alternative Lending

Uber. Airbnb. Etsy. What do all of these companies have in common? In addition to offering ways for people to make a little bit of imagesextra income on a part-time basis (sound like another company you know of?), they allow for more efficient transactions by removing the middleman.

For example, instead of having your call routed through a livery service, needing to contact a rental agency, or having to visit a retailer offering handmade crafts, you are able to deal directly with the entity that is providing you with the service in all of the above instances. This phenomenon is also commonly known as disintermediation.

It seems that “disintermediated” companies are beginning to infiltrate the world of finance. Personally, it seems that this sector is perfect for this kind of innovation, as banks typically make a decent profit off of transaction fees, amongst other things.

Additionally, consumers are becoming more and more disillusioned with the banking industry, especially the younger generation. In one poll, 7 out of 10 young people said they would rather go to the dentist than listen to what banks have to say. Not only this, but some sources estimate that the alternative lending industry is potentially worth a trillion dollars.

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Four Ways Mobile Apps Simplify Food Delivery

Food delivery apps have been increasing in popularity recently. In the past, customers who were both hungry and unwilling tPizza-Hut-iPhone-Appo leave the comfortable confines of their living room generally had limited choices when it came to food delivery.

Additionally, the process of having a meal delivered to your domicile usually involved the unwieldy process of rifling through a drawer of food-stained paper menus, or searching online to see if your favorite takeout joint offers delivery. Food delivery apps have certainly made this process cleaner, but not all of them are taking the same approach.


These services look to take as many takeout restaurants as possible not currently offering delivery, and turn that option into a reality. By aggregating as many locations as possible, they provide their users with a lot of variety. They also typically specialize in meta-search, meaning that if you have a specific place in mind or specific criteria when it comes to ordering, these apps are your best bet for satisfaction. Examples: Foodler, GrubHub

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Mobile App Dating: Is Psychology (and Salad) the Key to True Love?

The market has seen an explosion in dating apps recently. What started out as a relatively straightforward model, in which 1363963082_1180_Datingusers fill out profiles and are subsequently either matched up with potential mates or do the filtering themselves, has rapidly evolved to include a wide array of apps with all types of spin-offs and niche products.

To illustrate this point, there is currently a mobile app in the iTunes store called SaladMatch which aims to connect users based on their salad preferences.

With this type of rapid expansion, one might assume that it would be difficult to observe any sort of meaningful trend running through all of these newcomers. As it turns out, this is not the case, as the most noticeable trend is actually rooted in a number of theories from the field of Psychology.

Generally speaking, as the number of choices a consumer is given increases, their chances of making a purchase decreases. This is rather counterintuitive, as one would expect that more options would equate to a greater likelihood of someone finding a product or decision path that matches up with their wants and needs. However, research from a number of sources has indicated that this expectation does not hold true.

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The ‘On-Demand Economy’ is Transforming Commerce

uberThe term on-demand economy is garnering a lot of attention these days. It’s used to describe the burgeoning segment of companies that promise customers instant access to goods and services that historically have required a longer waiting period or more convoluted steps in order to attain.

Additionally, these companies typically employ freelance employees only, and utilize a mobile app as a means of completing transactions. A few examples of the on-demand economy in action are Instacart, a grocery delivery service, Uber, an app-powered livery service, and Handy, a home-services booking app.

Recently, a new entrant to the on-demand economy game called Magic was announced. Magic promises to be the concierge for all things delivery, as users simply send an SMS containing their order, and a Magic employee on the other end coordinates all the details.

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Registration is Now Open for uTest’s ‘Introduction to Android Testing’ Webinar

androiduTest University is happy to announce that registration is now open for our next live webinar opportunity.

Hot on the heels of the recent Introduction to Security Testing and Build the “right” regression suite using Behavior-Driven Testing (BDT) webinars, uTest University is offering a chance for testers to get familiar with Android testing. The webinar is taught by Iwona Pekala, a Gold-rated uTester and frequent contributor to the uTest Forums.

In this webinar, participants will learn how to:

  • Prepare your mobile device and PC for testing
  • Install applications
  • Record videos and take screenshots
  • Collect logs
  • Get information about the types of crashes

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My Weekend with the Goat Simulator App

We often talk about the newest and hottest mobile apps at the uTest Community Management desk. Recently, I was curious if I was missing out on any top apps that I didn’t already have on my Samsung Galaxy S4. I am surrounded by a sea of iPhone users so I am used to not getting in on the latest apps until (much, much) later. Of course, I have the requisite social media, weather, and news apps installed but what is really hot for the Android app market these days? I checked out the top paid apps in the Google Play store and, to my surprise, the one odd app that stuck out is the Goat Simulator at #9 on the Top 10 list. Screenshot_2014-10-10-19-10-05

Per the app’s description: “Gameplay-wise, Goat Simulator is all about causing as much destruction as you possibly can as a goat. It has been compared to an old-school skating game, except instead of being a skater, you’re a goat, and instead of doing tricks, you wreck stuff. When it comes to goats, not even the sky is the limit, as you can probably just bug through it and crash the game. Disclaimer: Goat Simulator is a completely stupid game and, to be honest, you should probably spend your money on something else, such as a hula hoop, a pile of bricks, or maybe pool your money together with your friends and buy a real goat.” Continue Reading →

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Top Tweets from Enterprise Apps World

More than 8,000 attendees and over 200 exhibitors converged in London on June 17 and 18 for the industry event known as Enterprise Apps World. Here are, in no particular order, the top tweets from this event:

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Quality Mobile Apps, Next Exit

uTest and Appcelerator BillboardA few months back, we told you all about our then-new partnership with Appcelerator. Since then, Appcelerator’s 300,000+ mobile developers have had seamless access to uTest’s suite of mobile app testing services – including functional, usability, localization and security testing – as well as our community of more than 60,000+ professional testers in 190 countries.

Now, we’ve decided to promote this partnership in-the-wild, where people work, live and….drive. We’ve unveiled a new low-tech strategy to reach commuters wondering why their apps aren’t performing as intended as they travel to and from work – a highway billboard! Appcelerator and uTest now greet people as they sojourn to and fro on California’s Highway 101.

The design is simple and eye-catching and promotes our partnership with Appcelerator succinctly.

So next time you’re driving down Highway 101, remember – we care enough about mobile app quality to distract you while you’re driving 75 MPH. California commuters, you’re welcome.


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Mobile App Testing – An Interview with uTest’s Matt Johnston

Greetings, uTest Nation and its followers, I’m back to serve in my role as the guy who does that thing that we don’t like to do too much of around here at blog central – talk about ourselves.

Well, not really. I’m actually here to share an excellent interview that STP‘s Rich Hand conducted with uTest’s Chief Marketing Officer Matt Johnston. In the interview, Hand and Johnston discuss ways in which the current burgeoning app economy has elevated the game for the way enterprise businesses conduct mobile app testing. Johnston also describes the importance of testing mobile apps in the wild and what it means for QA professionals.

The interview comes just a few weeks ahead of Johnston’s Mobile-themed keynote at the annual STP conference in Miami.

Listen to the interview today and look for more updates on uTest’s busy fall conference schedule in the coming weeks!


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uTest: In-the-Wild and In-the-News!

Money MovesSo while it’s not all that common for those of us here at blog HQ to talk about our overseers at uTest, this week we had no choice. In case you haven’t heard or visited this blog this week (and if so, then FOR SHAME), uTest announced on Wednesday that it has acquired Apphance in a seven-figure deal.  That very same day uTest also launched its new product for mobile developers, uTest Apphance, making it free to all for the rest of 2012.

I’d like to say if you missed the news, you’re not alone. But in this particular instance, it’s likely you are indeed pretty lonely. And while I’m sad for you (sitting there all uninformed and stuff), I’ve taken steps to make sure you catch up on all you’ve missed.  Our announcement was reported by numerous business and tech publications, and even landed uTest CEO, Doron Reuveni, on Bloomberg TV’s “Money Moves” for a live interview with Deirdre Bolton.

Check out some highlights below and, for the complete list of articles about uTest Apphance, peruse the uTest Press Room’s “In the News” page. And keep an eye out for some more major news next week! That’s what my blogging mentor, Mike Brown, calls a “teaser.”  Enjoy!

Bloomberg TV’s Money Moves with Deirdre Bolton: How to test a new mobile app

Tech Crunch: uTest Acquires Apphance In 7-Figure Deal As Mobile Developer Tools Consolidate

Boston Business Journal/Mass High Tech: uTest makes 1st acquisition, approaches $40M run rate

Business Week: uTest buys Apphance for a few million dollars

BetaKit: uTest Acquires Mobile App Testing Startup Apphance to Take on TestFlight

SD Times: uTest buys Apphance

Fortune: Term Sheet M&A: uTest acquires Apphance

ZDNet: uTest snaps up Poland’s Apphance in seven-figure mobile apps deal

Bostinno: uTest Acquires Apphance Mobile App Testing Tool for Seven Figures

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The Top 5 Mobile Apps for the Fourth of July

Sure today may be uTest blog Czar Mike Brown’s birthday (rumors that he’s a content-producing super-cyborg notwithstanding), but tomorrow is the day we really care about here at uTest HQ. The Fourth of July is of course special to us living in the good ol’ US of A. It’s a day for Americans to show patriotism and celebrate the independence of our young nation.

You may recall that, back in May, our own Jamie Saine regaled us with a collection of must-have summer apps. Now, to prepare those of you in the states for our nation’s 236th birthday (and to entertain and educate those of you in other countries), I offer you my top 5 must-have mobile apps for the Fourth of July:

  • The U.S. Constitution (Android & iOS) ­– Sure the Fourth of July celebrates the Declaration of Independence, but it’s the Constitution that set forth the rules by which the USA would be governed. Download it for free and have it at the ready at the family cookout to thwart your uncle’s claims that he has the right to avoid paying taxes because he loves Jesus.
  • Revolutionary War Site Locator (iOS) – I grew up in Massachusetts, so I grew up with the spirit of America. Whether you’re a New England native, a Midwesterner visiting the bay state, or a history buff who wants to check out the sites where the battles were won that helped the U.S.A. achieve independence, this app serves as a comprehensive guide. Continue Reading →
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Native Apps or Mobile Web? – You Decide

People love to choose sides. In the world of sports, Red Sox fans loathe the Yankees and the feeling is reciprocated in kind by denizens of New York. Back in the 80’s we (or our parents) argued whether Miller Lite’s best feature was its taste or the fact that it was less filling. More recently, Twilight fans were asked if they were on Team Edward or Team Jacob (If I recall, my wife abstained, deeming both “scrumptious.” But I digress…).

Nowadays, in the world of mobile development, the argument du jour revolves around whether or not – with the onset of HTML5 – mobile web will one day reign supreme over native apps.

Last week our own inimitable Jamie Saine wrote a post citing a prediction that both content and businesses’ desire to be found easily in browser searches are what will ultimately help mobile web dominate in the long run, if not now.

Yesterday, the newest member of our well-heeled uTest team, Katherine Slattery, offered a slightly more virulent rebuttal, citing numerous sources and pointing out that the native app ship has sailed and we’re all aboard. (There are also unverified rumors that Kate issued dismissive comments about the notion of mobile web surpassing native apps. We’re currently awaiting confirmation as to whether there were utterances of “Oh, come on…” or an insincere “Mmm-hmm, sure.”).

So now we ask you our loyal readers – what do you think? Do you feel mobile web will one day prevail? Or do you feel that native apps are going to remain supreme forever? Take a minute to (re-)read both posts and then choose your final position once and for all! (Or, you know, give us thoughtful, nuanced insight into the values presented by each position.) Either way, let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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