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Vote uTest For Most Promising New Company #MashableAwards

Well, it’s that exciting time of year again! The nomination period for the 4th Annual Mashable Awards is half way over and uTest is up for
Most Promising New Company.

First, I’d like to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone in our community who has made the commitment to vote every day until November 29th. (Mashable allows you to vote once a day per category and the Top 5 per category will advance to the finalists round.)

Of course we don’t want you to vote just because we asked (although that’s okay too!), so here’s a quick snapshot of why uTest is the Most Promising New Company!

Since our launch, we have:

  • Built a global community of 30,000+ professional testers in 168 countries worldwide
  • Acquired hundreds of customers across multiple industries — from five-person startups to Fortune 500 co.s
  • Raised a $13MM C round in funding last month (to total $20.5MM raised)
  • Reported more than 75,000 software bugs, completed test cases and usability surveys
  • Completed more than 1,500 testing projects
  • Expanded functional testing offering, adding load testing & usability testing of web, desktop & mobile apps

So, what do you think? Does uTest get the honor of your vote? If so, simply CLICK on the image above, SIGN IN to Twitter or Facebook and click NOMINATE! And thank you for bearing with the quick uTest plug. We’d be thrilled to receive your vote!

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Twitter Bug — The Tweet That Doesn’t End (@ 140 characters)

The Twitter bird has been seen a lot more than the Fail Whale in the past few month — a testament to the company’s investments in infrastructure. But now, a third species has jumped into the Twitter spotlight: the bug.

And while this particular bug has since been squashed by Twitter’s engineers, it’s still an interesting defect. As all of the major new media heavyweights noted, this Twitter bug briefly enabled the brevity-challenged among you to stretch your legs and break free from the shackles of 140 characters. To put it more plainly, let’s bring in Alexia Tsotsis (@alexia) from TechCrunch:

The Twitter bug which has left many befuddled is exploiting a length limit flaw in the new t.co URL shortener, allowing users to tweet out non-URL links of outrageously more than 140 characters

If you’d like to reproduce the effect, and it seems to be catching, you can visit http://twitter.com/share?text=&url=yourtext, add whatever you want in place of “yourtext,” copy and paste your new t.co URL to Twitter and long tweet away.

Update: Looks like the nimble engineers at Twitter have disabled the feature within the hour this post went up, much to everyone’s dismay. Scripting News’ Dave Winer went so far as to create a web app for the Fat Tweets.

For those of you who follow Twitter (sorry, couldn’t resist), check out the entire TechCrunch article, as well as Mashable’s take.

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iPhone 4 Bug: The Yellow Screen of Death

“I would assume whoever was testing these would have noticed these issues,” read one Mashable comment. Of course, this was made in reference to the slew of bizarre problems reported by iPhone 4 users today. Namely, the infamous yellow-screen and “hand-held” reception issue that everyone – and I mean everyone – is talking about.

I understand their frustration, but in fairness to Apple’s testing team, these are certainly NOT normal issues and it’s likely that most users will never encounter them anyway. Yet because the defects are so unusual (and because Apple is sorta popular) it follows that they’re lighting up the blogosphere, and likely causing more than a few sleepless nights.

I’m reminded of the Seinfeld episode where George bought a cashmere sweater for Elaine. The sweater was perfect – just what she had always wanted – with the exception of a small, red-dotted stain. Though barely noticeable, it was enough to cause sit-comic chaos, before Elaine eventually “re-gifted.”

Anyway, we doubt users will “re-gift” their iPhones, but the issues are certainly enough to annoy the average user. Here’s Mashable with the scoop:

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Life, Liberty And The Pursuit Of Web Access

For most who read a software testing blog, web access is a given — it’s always on, always up, usually fast, and even available on-the-go (as long as you remember to bring your Nexus One, Curve, iPhone, etc).

But not too long ago, the web was still in early adopter mode.  It was available (maybe) after you fired up that block you called a desktop computer; and after you endured the sound of your dial-up connection; and only if you exhibited zen-like patience with pop-ups and page load times.

Why am I taking this trip down memory lane?  Well, it could be because I saw the extended trailer for Hot Tub Time Machine (destined to be a classic, but NSFW).  More likely, however, is the fact that yesterday I read a couple of interesting pieces from Mashable & the BBC — about the global adoption of the Internet in the past decade, and the provocative question of whether or not web access is an inalienable human right in this day and age.  Both are worth checking out, if for no other reason than to make us appreciate what we have.

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Social Networks Pose Security Threats (& An Intro to Tina Fey’s YouFace)

It’s no surprise to our community that social networks have the potential to pose big security threats this year. During the “Battle of the Social Networks,” uTesters found a combined 718 bugs in Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn; and an additional 300+ bugs were discovered in the top five Twitter desktop apps during the Q2 bug battle.

To add more fuel to the fire, today the company Sophos, which surveyed 500+ organizations, came out with a new report stating that in the past year:

  • 57% of users report they have been spammed via social networking sites
  • 36% of users claim they’ve been sent malware via social networking sites
  • 72% of survey respondents think social networks are a danger for their companies (see Mashable article)

What’s the solution? Tina Fey, in her show “30 Rock,” recently spoofed social networks with her creation of “YouFace” (combo of Facebook & MySpace). Terms such as “finger-tagged,” “weirdsie,” and “pho-lo” (for photo and hello) had many ROFL. See video clip after the bump!

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Google’s New Tool Helps Companies Deliver Better Web Experiences

Here’s a holiday gift for those of you who know what the phrase, “above the fold” means —

Mashable’s Ben Parr recently wrote a piece about several Google Tools, including one new one that will be supremely useful to web designers and developers.

We already know that Google is obsessed with their own speed and efficiency, but the search giant is also trying to make everybody else faster on the web as well. Google Site Performance, for example, provides tips from Google on how to speed up your website, while Speed Tracer increases the efficiency of web apps by tracking performance.

The company is once again tackling the realm of website efficiency with a new tool that doesn’t track site speed or app performance, but the size of the browser window. The app, Google Browser Size, aims to help website owners solve one of the most fundamental problems in web design: How should I lay out and design my website for higher engagement and conversions?

Want to see Google Browser Size in action?  Check below to see how we did when re-designing the uTest home page.

Google Browser Size

This is a very helpful tool (as well as quick, simple and free).  Try it out on your own site today, and I’d highly recommend it for anyone who’s launching or re-launching a site.

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Which E-Tailer Do You Trust? (Battle of the E-Tailers in the News!)

Breaking news! This week, we officially announced the results of our Q4 Bug Battle – Battle of the E-Tailers – along with a few prominent media outlets, including USA Today, Fast Company, Mashable! and eWeek.

Curious about the results? Check out the articles below:

So, the battle begs the question: Which e-tailer do you trust the most?

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Media Wrap-Up From Our Latest Trip To The Valley

uTest was on fire at Under the Radar Mobility this year. I think Under the Radar said it best!

For anyone looking to deploy an app across multiple mobile platforms and a gazillion different handsets, one massive problem awaits them: QA. uTest solves this problem with an army of testers across the world. Crowdsourced QA… Problem solved. (Click here to see Doron’s presentation.)

And that’s not all! Doron was able to connect with multiple partners, prospects and top media outlets, including Mashable’s Ben Parr (@benparr), editor in chief at IntoMobile.com Will Park (@willpark), ReadWriteWeb’s Dana Oshiro (@suzyperplexus), as well as participated in a couple great video interviews with bnetTV’s Michelle Sklar (@bnettv) and GoMo News’ Cian O’Sullivan (@gomonews) which are posted below!

Take a peek at the video interviews below to learn more:

Doron Reuveni-CEO of uTest speaks with bnetTV.com at the Under the Radar event.

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uTest Blog (Yep, This One) Named Finalist For Mashable Open Web Award

On Wednesday, Mashable announced the finalists in its uber-competitive Open Web Awards competition.  And after 450,000 votes for more than 80,000 different sites and blogs, I’m proud to report that your humble software testing blog (that would be us) has been named one of the five finalists for the “Top Corporate Blog”.

mashable open web awards

If you know how popular Mashable is in social media circles, you know that this is a big deal.  We take a great deal of pride in using the uTest blog to bring you the latest news from the software industry, best practices on mobile app testing, uTest company info, and original content (from us and guest posts from some of  our top testers).  So sincere thanks and congratulations to the entire uTest universe… we couldn’t do any of this without our amazing customers, testers, investors and friends in the media.

And if you want to help us go for the gold, you can vote for uTest in the final round every day between now and December 12th!

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Vote uTest for “Best Corporate Blog” in Mashable’s Open WebAwards!

Mashable Open WebAwardThanks to you, uTest blog traffic has more than doubled since the beginning of ’09.  And since our relaunch in mid-May, we’ve use this space to share breaking industry news, testing events and meetups, uTest company info, and original content from around the QA industry through our guest bloggers and “Testing the Limits” interviews.  That’s why we need your help to get the Software Testing Blog into the running for Mashable’s Open WebAwards in the “Best Corporate Blog” category.

So if you like the uTest blog, this is your chance to cast your vote and  support uTest and our community. Here’s how it works:

  1. Go to http://mashable.com/owa/votes. (You must be signed into your Facebook or Twitter account.)
  2. Then simply Nominate: http://blog.utest.com for Category: “Best Corporate Blog”
  3. Voting is once per day, so please don’t be shy!

Thanks in advance for your help, and keep your fingers crossed for another big win for uTest and our community! Send us a note with any questions.

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A uTest Search Party (Bug Battle in the News!)

Once we announced the Search Engine Bug Battle results, the press rooms were buzzing. Here’s a quick snapshot of some of the top coverage the uTest community received this week. The headlines say it all – Google comes out on top, but Bing definitely impressed our testers.

For a complete list of bug battle coverage, check out the uTest Newsroom!

We couldn’t have done it without our talented, bug-hunting uTesters – thanks again for all your hard work and feedback!

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Q2 Bug Battle Results: Twitter, Testers and Trophies

And by trophies, we mean nearly $4000 in cash prizes.

Yes, the results of the Battle of the Desktop Twitter Apps are final. The week-long QA competition – in which more than 600 testers  searched for bugs in five of the most popular Twitter apps – was a  success. As expected, we received hundreds (320 to be exact) of interesting GUI, technical and functional bugs, so selecting a handful of winners was obviously no easy task.

In fact, it was so difficult that we decided to expand our winners list. Also, be sure to download our free special report (PDF), detailing the results of the post-battle usability survey.

As you’ll see from the results page, the Battle of the Desktop Twitter Apps saw several repeat winners, along with some fresh, new uTest talent. Here’s a top-line list of the winners:

  • Top Tester: Bernard Lelchuck (Israel)
  • Top Novice: Tyler Ritchie (USA)
  • Top US Tester: Joseph Ours

Tyler and Bernard also finished 1st and 2nd in the “Best Bug” category. Other winners for “Best Bug” included:

  • Claire Pelayo (Philippines)
  • Bryan Fisk (New Zealand)
  • Aymen Chehaider (India)

As far as the apps were concerned, the uTest community ranked Tweet Deck #1 in terms of usability, feature set and overall quality. Coming in second (also in every category) was Seesmic Desktop, followed by Twirl, Tweetr and Twitteroo.

twitterbirdThe results have already been featured in a Mashable story yesterday, ase well as a bunch of other news outlets, and of course, hundreds of individual tweets.

Once again, congratulations to all of the Bug Battle winners, and thanks to all those from our community who participated. If you’re aleady looking forward to our next competition – and we know you are – be sure to send us your ideas. We can be reached at marketing@utest.com, and of course, on Twitter.

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