The Tablet Wars Officially Kick Off At #CES

With an impressive 50,000 iPad apps now available, the iPad is one of the fastest growing tablets on the market. Actually, a recent survey that caught my eye, by BI vendor Microstrategy, found that almost half of all enterprises will likely deploy iPad apps in the next two years.

But not so fast, Apple! Very HOT on your heels is the Samsung Galaxy Tab (Android), which recently announced that it has sold a whopping 1 million units.

And just today, Lenovo released the IdeaPad Slate at CES! According to Wired, “What may ultimately separate the IdeaPad Slate from its closest rivals is its embrace of a truly native Windows 7 OS, rather than, say, Honeycomb, the eagerly awaited Android rev expected to power tablets ranging from Toshiba to Motorola.”

The “Year of the Tablet” has officially been kicked off. Motorola, Microsoft and RIM are also expected to release devices in the coming months. To see newly announced tablets from HP and Sony, and some almost-announced tablets, check out this solid roundup slideshow by PC World.

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) predicts that tablet sales will hit about 30 million this year, up from 17 million in 2010, according to Computerworld.

What new doors do you think all these new tablets and tablet apps will open for testing? With as many as 100 different tablets expected to debut at CES, will “the tablet” create its own new and exciting testing space? What opportunities and/or challenges do you foresee?

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Philippines Takes The Gold (and an iPad) In The uTest Bug Olympics

After nearly three weeks of intense competition, we’ve arrived at the closing ceremony in the uTest Bug Olympics. If you’ve been following our Facebook page, you’d know that the Philippines held a decisive lead in total “likes” heading into the final week. A last-minute surge by India, Portugal and Croatia – however heroic – was not enough to unseat the Pearl of the Orient Seas, which tallied 4661 total “likes.” Impressive!

As explained in our opening ceremony post, the three countries that receive the most cumulative “likes” would make it to the medal round.

From there, each country’s winner would be chosen on the basis of three criteria: 1) creativity and quality of submission, 2) number of likes and comments and 3) judges’ discretion. Top finalists from each of those three countries would then be awarded an iPad, an iPod Touch and an iPod Nano respectively.

With that in mind, let us now take a look at the winners:

Gold: Philippines

It wasn’t just the 4,000+ “likes” that helped the Philippines take the gold, as the creativity and quality of the bug submissions was truly remarkable. Al Porcil, for example, submitted this hilarious Chuck Norris bug from Google. Apparently, one cannot find find Chuck Norris via search (because he finds you). Good to know.

That bug, in addition to several others, was enough for Porcil to secure the top honor: a brand new iPad from Apple. Other finalists included Michael Jeffrey Ramos, AppLe Garrucho Quiatchon and Val Gamutt. Congrats!

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Follow All 3 to Win a Wii, a PS3, a Boxee, an Xbox 360 and $2011 in More Prizes!

We can’t believe it but we are weeks away from 2011, and to kick off the new year in proper style, we’re going to have one last amazing contest this year. Here’s your final chance this year to win a Wii, an iPad, Cash and more!

In light of the holidays, we’ve made this contest easy! All you have to do is follow uTest on all 3 social networks and let us know with a simple tweet.

1. Follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and become a fan on Facebook
2. Tweet to @uTest with hash tag #FollowedAll3
3. Include your top three prizes (from grab bag below) in your tweet. That’s it!

(e.g. @uTest I want to win the iPad, Xbox 360 or Cash! #FollowedAll3)

Each week (for the next four weeks!), we will draw two names from all tweets containing the hash tag, #FollowedAll3. You can tweet once a day (to increase your chances). All winners then have the opportunity to choose one prize from our grab bag below (first come, first serve). And because we’re so excited to start the new year, the eight prizes add up to $2011! Here’s the grab bag:

Happy 2011 everyone! The contest will run from Mon, December 13 — Fri, January 7 @ 5pm ET. As the prizes are chosen, we will list the winners and cross out the prizes right in this post (e.g. iPad ($400) Winner: @jennymoebius). Make sure to check back in to the blog to see if YOU are the lucky winner! We will also contact winners by DM on Twitter.

Congratulations to all the winners!!!

Official terms and conditions

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Which Tablet Device Will You Purchase?

Walmart just confirmed that it will begin selling the iPad in stores this Friday. On this news, we can say without hyperbole that everyone in the world will soon own a tablet device. But will they all buy iPads?

Probably not. In fact, several iPad rivals are getting decent play with the press, consumers and our very own tester community. We recently asked our testers and Facebook fans which of the new tablet devices they would most likely purchase as part of our weekly What Do uThink series. Here were the results:

  • iPad (Apple): 47%
  • Playbook (Blackberry): 24%
  • Galaxy (Samsung): 15%
  • Not purchasing a tablet: 15%

Okay, so maybe not everyone will purchase a tablet device. We even included the HP Slate, the ICD Vega, the Dell Streak and NAV9, but none of those devices received votes. Even so, it’s nice to know you have some options.

So if you’re still on fence about which tablet device you’ll be taking home, here are a few demo videos that might sway your decision:

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New Apple Stuff – iOS 4.1, iTunes Ping, iPods, and More!

When Steve Jobs stands on stage in front of an audience, you can guarantee you’ll get a show. Occasionally it’s a show like the iPhone 4 antenna presentation from this July where Apple was at its prickliest. But yesterday it was the more exciting kind of show – new products!

So what did Santa Steve deliver to all of us good little boys and girls? Let’s check out the highlights:

iOS 4.1 and iOS 4.2
Probably the biggest deal to developers and testers is the upcoming release of iOS 4.1 (rumored to be launching next week on September 8). It’s no secret that iOS 4 has been buggy with problems like flaky Bluetooth support, slow performance, and random crashes. So it was welcome news to hear that iOS 4.1 includes a substantial number of bug fixes. Even the infamous proximity sensor bug has been fixed, which is fantastic because just days ago it sounded like that fix would be delayed.

Apple is also introducing a new social gaming network called Game Center. This new platform will provide developers with an easy to integrate social network for their games that will let players track achievements and play multiplayer games online with friends.

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