Bug Battle Update: Less Than One Week To Go!

Just a quick update on the latest uTest Bug Battle. We’re six days into the competition, which as you know, is comparing three of the top specialty e-tailers in the universe. That would be eBay, Overstock and Zappos.

With just under five days remaining, we’ve already had more than 400 testers participate and well over 600 bugs reported. These are obviously great numbers, but it’s a little interesting to see that eBay trails the other two sites in terms of overall participants. (Hint, hint: if you want to increase your odds of winning some prize money, start testing eBay!). You didn’t hear it from me though.

Remember, the Bug Battle ends Monday, November 8th at noon ET, and there is nearly $4,000 in prize money up for grabs. It’s not too late to win the top prize, so log into your uTest account and get cracking. No more excuses!

For a primer on how to win the Bug Battle – especially the usability part of the competition that gets started next week – we highly recommend this post by Santhosh Tuppad, as well as this post by Anna Danchenko. You can also find tips in the uTest Forums.

Good luck the rest of the way!

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How to Win the uTest Bug Battle

As you probably know, the latest uTest Bug Battle is officially underway. This means that for the next week, testers from around the world will be competing to find bugs in three prominent e-tail sites. But there’s a lot more to the competition than just submitting some random bugs and hoping for the win. In our latest guest post, uTester Anna Danchenko (a former Bug Battle winner herself) offers some advice to testers on how they can best position themselves for Bug Battle success – and of course, some prize money for good measure.


The Bug Battle is a software testing competition open to anyone on the uTest website. The essence of this quarterly competition is simple: You have about a week to find and report defects in the pre-selected websites or applications. The results will be judged on several criteria such as: the “clarity of the bug report”, the “innovativeness of the bug” and the “depth of understanding of the problem.” To put it simply, the more serious the bug found and the better its description, the greater your chances are of winning the battle. As a top tester in Q310 Bug Battle, I’m going to offer some advice on how to find the worst bugs and how to write the best bug descriptions.

I will start with an overview of the available materials that newcomers can use to get ready for the competition. After this, I will move to the main topics: how to find defects and how to write bug reports. Finally, I will write some recommendations on completing the final stage in the competition: feedback survey.

Available Materials
This section is a collection of the important links to be explored by uTest newcomers. I have divided it into 3 parts: “Registration”, “Bug Battle” and “Bug reporting in uTest”. To participate in the Bug Battle you need to be registered in uTest. In addition, I highly recommend that you become a member of uTest forum. This is an invaluable resource for learning about past Bug Battles, uTest and testing. In the “Bug Battle” section there are links to pages with the competition rules and advice from other participants on how to win. The last section on bug reporting contains the most important resources with uTest recommendations. I will comment on how to get the most out of these resources because a good bug report is one of the keys to getting the Best Bug award.

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Ready. Set. Test! (Q4 Bug Battle Starts NOW!)

The Q4 uTest Bug Battle is officially underway. As we noted yesterday, this quarter’s competition will challenge testers to find bugs in three of world’s most prominent specialty e-tailers: eBay, Overstock and Zappos.

So which of these three sites will have the most robust feature set? Which will have the most intuitive search and product comparison features? Which one will have the most user friendly mobile application? And most important of all, which one will have the most bugs?

That’s for our community to determine. Once the testing phase of the competition is over (on Monday, November 8 at noon) we’ll be sending surveys to all participating testers, where they will compare the usability and feature set of these three applications.

At this point, I shouldn’t have to tell you about the many reasons why you should participate, but I will anyway. For one, a strong performance in the uTest Bug Battle can help you get recognized by our project managers, which means you’ll be invited to more private test cycles. It’s also a great way to hone your testing skills. Oh – and did we mention that we’re giving away $4000 in prizes across a broad range of categories?

So here’s your chance. Log into your uTest account, scour these apps for defects and report them in a clear, concise manner. And if you do it better than your peers, you could be named the Q4 Bug Battle winner and earn some big prize money for your time.

Need some pointers? This uTest Forums thread will show you how to increase your odds of winning.

Have more questions? Learn more about the Bug Battle basics.

Good luck everyone!

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Announcing the Q4 Bug Battle: Specialty E-Tailers

You know how every neighborhood has that one crazy lady who starts the holiday season a little too early (like before Halloween)? Well, this time it’s us.

With the holiday shopping season right around the corner, we simply couldn’t wait any longer to kick off our latest bug-hunting competition.

At this time last year, you may recall that the Bug Battle focused on the giants of online retail. This year, as a special twist, we’ve decided to focus on specialty e-tailers. With literally thousands to choose from, we ended up going with eBay, Overstock and Zappos - three of the most revolutionary companies in the auction, overstock and traditional e-shopping spaces.

The Bug Battle gets started this Friday, October 29 at noon (ET). Testers will be given ten days (until Monday, November 8 at noon) to search these applications for the most compelling bugs, and to report them through our online platform. We’ll be awarding nearly $4,000 in prize money for categories like Top Tester, Best Bug, Best Survey Feedback (survey runs November 8-10), Best Mobile Bug and more.

More details on this Bug Battle – as well as the rules, prizes and deadlines – can be found in the uTest Forums. Of course, we’ll be providing frequent updates via the uTest blog, as well as through Twitter and Facebook.

This competition is available ONLY to members of the uTest community. If you would like to become a member, sign up here.

Happy testing!

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Monster.com Takes The Gold In “Clash Of The Career Sites”

The Q3 Bug Battle is now one for the history books. As you might recall, our brave community of testers spent a week in August competing to find bugs in four of the major career sites. After pre-announcing the winners last week, we’re finally ready to de-classify the official results. You can download the complete Bug Battle report (PDF), but here are a few top-line findings:

  • Indeed had the least reported bugs (139), followed by Monster (169), CareerBuilder (171), and then SimplyHired (189).
  • While Monster placed first and Indeed placed last in every survey category, CareerBuilder and SimplyHired were deadlocked in the survey portion of the contest, each receiving favorable rankings in three out of six categories.
  • More than half of the testers (55%) chose ‘job search accuracy’ (ability to browse relevant jobs by job title, keyword, location, category, etc.) as the most important criteria when evaluating career applications.
  • When asked if concerned about the privacy and safety of personal information stored on job websites, an overwhelming 82 percent of respondents answered “yes.”

Check out the story on TheNextWeb! The $4,000 in prize money was spread out across a total of 24 testers. Here are few of the notable recipients:

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