Quell the Queue with Load Testing

App QueueThere is a recent trend in releasing hot new apps to create a queue for your users before you can fully support them (see Mailbox and Tempo). The implementation of these queues is great from a usability perspective. They create both excitement and exclusivity for an app while you can sort out scalability issues. But as entertaining as they can be in the first week of usage (“yay, my numbers going down and look how many people are behind me,” you may think), having users wait to get your app while you sort out issues is a dangerous tight rope to walk, especially when a user’s switching costs are so low. An impatient user may decide to delete your app and move on to the next one, never getting to appreciate your app’s greatness.

So how do you minimize this risk? Enter Load Testing. Before releasing your app, get the confidence you need to know that all of your systems integrate properly and can handle the weight of your user base. uTest offers a combination of live and simulated load options to allow you to understand your app’s performance under peak loads. Finding your bottlenecks before launching your app means that no users, not even those early in the queue, should have to face performance issues. Avoid low app store star ratings and reviews and delight your users by letting your app shine through.

Do you know if your app has what it takes to meet its post-launch demand? Find out today.

Essential Guide to Mobile App Testing

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