Picture Quiz: Should You Become A Software Tester?

We write frequently on the subject of what it takes to become a top tester – in both the uTest community and the industry as a whole. We ask the testing giants their thoughts on the matter (see quotes below) and publish guest posts and Crash Courses in an effort to help you become a better software tester.  Please hold your applause.

But what if software testing isn’t for you? What if after all the education, training and job-searching, you discovered that you really had no knack for the craft? Wouldn’t it have been nice to know that a little sooner? Lucky for you, I’ve designed this picture quiz as a humorous supplement to the Jung Career Indicator Test. Here’s how it works: If you don’t see anything wrong with these photos, then software testing is definitely NOT for you. Far from scientific, but hey, it’s a start.

Almost all of the best people I know in testing have significant experience in other fields. It’s common for people to move from testing to programming or writing or marketing and then back, bringing what they’ve learned with them, to test with a richer perspective and with a much more productive vision of where testing can fit within development/marketing/support cycles.” – Cem Kaner

As a hiring test manager, I look for these qualities: cautious, critical, curious, friendly, diplomatic, honest, insightful, thoughtful.  I want candidates to tell me about a cool bug they found, or give me their best test idea.  I want them to make me think. I want them to inspire me and make me curious.” – Jon Bach

I know how to teach people technologies, the basics of a new programming language, how to report bugs, how to document process, and how to generate test ideas from whatever information we have.  What I don’t know how to teach people is how to be curious, the desire to investigate their curiosity, or to be excited by the thought of investigating things that strike them as odd.” – Scott Barber

It’s a mindset and a passion. From the 100s of interviews I’ve done, “great” boils down to: 1) a special predisposition to finding problems and 2) a passion for testing to go along with that predisposition. In other words, they love testing and they are good at it. They also appreciate that the challenges of testing are, more often than not, equal or greater than the challenges of programming. A great “career” tester with the testing gene and the right attitude will always be able to find a job. They are gold.” – Patrick Copeland

To be a good tester you must be curious about technology, and eager to learn it. You must be able to ask questions and make explanations. You must be skeptical, but you must have at least a little faith about one thing: the possibility of undiscovered trouble.” – James Bach

Volunteer. Keep testing. Consider speaking at a conference near you for admission. Want to test for a certain product? Sign up for the beta and go to a user group.” – Lanette Creamer

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  1. soumya says

    Hi Sowmya

    Please correct yourself the matter which you had posted itself has an Cosmetic bug it should be picture not pisture

  2. Patton says

    Are you guys even serious? I can’t believe you all felt compelled to comment on these pictures. I can’t imagine that anyone with half a brain couldn’t see these errors a mile away with their eyes closed. You guys are way too serious with no sense of humor.

  3. Kathleen says

    These are pretty obvious. but funny too..
    1. Seriously…ha ha…the program went around just like it was suppposed to. Works for me. LOL
    2. How can I get into my driveway unless I only have a bike.
    3. 5 sinks…one toilet…and no way to put a door on.
    4. Hmmm only picture we are going to get is the back of the monitor.
    5. There is certainly going to be water on the floor very soon.
    6. If the biker follows the rules he will crash into the pile of rubble. :-)

  4. Sean S. says

    “If you don’t see anything wrong with these photos, then software testing is definitely NOT for you” …

    I saw something wrong with every single image here. But then again as a tester we don’t test what we think is right or wrong. We test the REQUIREMENTS! Every time I see something wrong with what I test, I will document it and report it. But often you find out that the way it is implemented is the way the user wants it!

    All I am saying is stop seeing things as right and wrong but as what was required to be implemented!

    There is another way of looking at all these image with something WRONG in them.

    - Image 1, the requirement for the person that did the white line could have been, if you see a tree in your way, then work around it!
    - image 2, the house could have been built after the pole was put there :)
    - image 3, the person that installed the toilet, has not or forgot to put the door yet!
    - image 4, the person that installed the monitor thought this is where they want it … so this is where they get it.
    - image 5, the plumber that installed the water tap used the wrong size tap. (He will charge you again if he comes back to fix it :)
    - image 6, it seems to be a 2 way street. Perhaps the sign was meant to be on the other side!

    But then again for all these image it seems like there wasn’t a good inspector/tester to come and check their work!! :)

  5. john james says

    Tongue in cheek,

    thanks for the fun:)

    picture 1 answers:

    Project manager: too many man hours will be required to move the branch to allow a straight line.
    Programmer: i just followed the specs
    tester: Fail. (this is assumed as i see no requirements, ) white line should indicate road edge not movable objects, will you draw the line around cars?

    picture 2 answer

    Project manager: local survey indicated the fanily only had motorbikes.
    Programmer. design indicated lamposts should be fixed length apart, i did unit test it to see if problems, honest.
    tester, fail
    test manager: can i see unit test evidence and design architect please

    picture 3

    Designer: we needed to insure good washing coverage for all toilet users.
    Performance tester: pass sinks will not fail due to overloading. Queue to use toilet may interfere with person washing there hands. low priority
    tester: washing facilities: pass
    tester: toilet pass: Observation: design will produce usability issues.

    picture 4

    Service management: great we never have any issues with this camera.
    camera installer: There was no monitor when this was installed
    Monitor installer: camera was incorrectly installed, should have been 2 feet to the left, so i just installed monitor in front of camera, should i have informed anyone?
    tester: i want a new job
    test manager : me too

    picture 5

    Project manager: we need to do assesment of whether the sink is to far forward or the tap is to far to the rear, do we really want to invest this money this late in the project, lets let it pass and see if anyone notices.

    Tester: It fails, potential health hazard with water spilling on floor, tap not placed to allow flow of water into sink, high priority defect.( while looking on internet for new roll)

    test manager: taking high dosages of tranquilizers and currently banging his head against the wall).

    Service management: after an extensive survey we believe this may produce quite a number of complaints

    picture 5

    workmen: we left angled signs on the road to be used as ramps to allow motorcyclists to make a jump. car drivers should stay well left and use pavement.

    Foreman: fine lads, who is making the tea.

    Suveyor: maybe i should pack it in and get a job in testing

  6. Joy.100 says

    @Alex k. Hehehehe…. :)

    Cool test.. Definitely something that triggers our criminal testers mind..

  7. Shailaja says

    Al pictures are with bugs,
    1. In the first photo the line should be straight .
    2. In the second photo there should be no lamp post or any in front of the car garage or they should have built the garage in different place where the car or vehicle can enter without any obstacles.
    3. In the third photo there is a toilet with washbasins in front which is logically incorrect even we can thought that we can use that for childrens but it’s not an appropriate place to be definitely.

    4. A camera in front of the information screen definitely there is no use to keep a camera like that, will show a blank screen always.

    5. The water tap should be in front so that the water can go straight into the basin, but it’s definitely not in correct position as it will spill water outside and it’s only Easters of water.

    6. The sign board is saying just the opposites , board should say keep well right.

    All are blender serious errors.

  8. Alex K. says

    Nice photos but where are the bugs?

    1. This is just an error handling ….
    2. The user should not build their house in front of the pole!
    3. Some like to wash their hands in the toilet bowl.
    4. … so that no one steal the monitor…
    5. but it looks nice…
    6. Sure you can avoid the obstacle by going to the right, but you can do the same by Keeping WELL Left!

    Don’t I sound like a true programmer.

  9. Debbie says

    I found bugs in all. Bug in no 1 is of low priority, no 2 is of high priority because the pole makes the garage pathway unusable, no 3 is high priority and ridiculous because there is no privacy for the toilet users and those using the wash hand basin. No 4 is a show shopper as the CCTV camera is useless with the TV blocking it, no 5 is also of high priority because the water should drop INTO the bowl and not elsewhere, no 6 is medium priority and the sign should be changed to ‘keep right’

  10. KerenaShefa says

    No. 5 is not a bug, it’s just someone who is totally not interested in doing their job….very frustrating to work with such programmers….

  11. VIVEK says

    @utest . good idea for for this context

    I found bugs in last two image..
    1 in last image- the text is wrong
    2. In 2nd last image – tap is not in wash basin

  12. Sri Ratna says

    @uTest : Good one…..I found 6 bugs in 6 photos.
    @pmabres : As of I think first one is CCTV and then TV

  13. pmabres says

    There are some disturbing pictures, who, by design, cannot be… but for example the first picture, doesn’t disturb me at all, its a minor fail, but doesn’t affect to me…

    others like the second one, third, and the rest of them, are lack of enthusiasm, and intellect hehe…

    I have a question for all testers….

    What has been inserted before:
    The TV or the Surveillance camera.

  14. says

    Cool context and pictures, I must say. :)

    The first image and it’s context strike me the most. I am actually experiencing the scenario where bugs are left with a wrapper over it.


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