Video: uTest Partner BlazeMeter Talks Performance Testing with JMeter

Our friends at BlazeMeter last week hosted a live session giving testers and developers everything they need to run performance testing with the popular open source load performance testing tool JMeter. And we’re happy to share the session here on the uTest Blog.

The hour-long session starts with an overview of performance testing, then moves onto how to run performance testing with JMeter, why it’s worth using BlazeMeter with JMeter, and concludes with a Q&A hosted by BlazeMeter’s Ophir Prusak.

BlazeMeter is a proud uTest partner and provides next-generation, cloud based performance testing solutions that are 100% Apache JMeter™ compatible, and was founded with the goal of making it easy for everyone to run sophisticated, large-scale performance and load tests quickly, easily and affordably.

After viewing, you can also check out our Load and Performance Testing course track at uTest University for even more in-depth learning.


Learn About Mobile Testing at uTest University

Testing on a smartphone or tablet is a common occurrence as more and more developers produce mobile apps. Mobile testing is seemingly ubiquitous these days. That being said, there are always new ways to sharpen your skill set when it comes to mobile testing. mobile-testing

Whether you are new to software testing or are a veteran tester, the mobile testing course track in uTest University has something for everyone.

What are the differences between iOS and Android testing?

This course reviews the main characteristics of iOS and Android, and outlines the impact of those differences to testing. You can also learn tips and hints for testers, such as how to install an app, how to capture screen shots and video, and how to access log files.

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Meet the uTesters: James Donner

unnamedJames Donner is a Gold-rated tester on paid projects at uTest, based out of the United States. He is a professional driver, hobbyist programmer, software tester and perpetual learner. James has been interested in computer software for many years, and like many other uTesters, has a B.S. in Computer Science.

Be sure to also follow James’ profile on uTest as well so you can stay up to date with his activity in the community!

uTest: Android or iOS?

James: Wait a minute…no Windows Phone option here? I love, and keep at least one of, all three. In the past, I’ve always went with Android phones and iOS tablets. I think the iPad has always been the best tablet. I’m about to shake things up by going with a 5c as my main phone, and I’ve just ordered a Nexus 9 tablet. I really enjoy variety and testing on any/all of these devices.

uTest: What drew you into testing initially? What’s kept you at it?

James: I’ve always been interested in computers and especially computer software. I’ve dipped my feet into programming and published some very simple native mobile apps. I just wanted to try the other side of things and see if I liked to break things. It turns out that I do.

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uTest Announces Tester of the Quarter for Q4 2014

badgeTesterOfQuarterAfter a very successful initial launch of Tester of the Quarter a few months back, uTest is proud to announce Tester of the Quarter for Q4 of 2014.

If you’ll remember, this quarterly program exists solely to recognize and award the rock stars of our global community, and differs from uTester of the Year in that it puts the power of nominations directly in the hands of our testing community.

Testers can recognize their peers’ dedication and great work in various facets of their participation at uTest from course writing and blogging to test cycle participation, and recognize mentors who have helped them along their testing journey on paid projects at uTest.

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Authors in Testing: The ‘Social Tester’ on Passionate Testers and the Power of Social Media

unnamedRob Lambert (aka The Social Tester) is a veteran Engineering Manager building a forward-thinking, creative and awesome team at NewVoiceMedia. His mission is to inspire testers to achieve great things in their careers and to take control of their own learning and self development.

Rob is the author of Remaining Relevant, a book about remaining relevant and employable in today’s testing world. Rob is a serial blogger about all things product testing on his own site, and is also active on Twitter @rob_lambert.

In this uTest interview, Rob discusses what makes a passionate tester, what holds testers back from getting the jobs they want, and the power of social media in the testing world. At the conclusion of the interview, you’ll also receive a link to an exclusive discount for the purchase of his book ‘Remaining Relevant.’

uTest: You recently posted that one of the eight lessons you learned from building and growing a test team was finding ‘people with a passion for testing.’ What is a ‘passionate’ tester to you?

Rob Lambert: I believe passion shows itself in a number of different behaviors. The first behavior to observe is that of a deep curiosity for the work being done and the surrounding environment people are working in. I look for people who wonder what the other testers do. They ask, “How could I do this better?” and “What problem does the software solve?” and “What does this company I work for do?”

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Meet the uTesters: Iwona Pekala

Iwona Pekala is a gold rated full-time tester on paid projects at uTest, and a uTester for over 3 years. Iwona is also currently serving as a uTest Forums moderator for the second consecutive quarter. She is a fan of computers and technology, and lives in Kraków, Poland.

Be sure to also follow Iwona’s profile on uTest as well so you can stay up to date with her activity in the community!

IwonauTest: Android or iOS?

Iwona: Android. I can customize it in more ways when compared to iOS. Additionally, apps have more abilities, there is a lot of hardware to choose from, and it takes less time to accomplish basic tasks like selecting text or tapping small buttons.

uTest: What drew you into testing initially? What’s kept you at it?

Iwona: I became a tester accidentally. I was looking for a summer internship for computer science students (I was thinking about becoming a programmer). The first offer I got was for the role of tester. I was about to change it, and I was transitioned to a developer role after some time. It was uTest that kept me as a tester, particularly the flexibility of work and variety of projects.

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New uTest Platform Features Emphasize Quality

Last week, uTest launched two new Platform features for uTesters on paid projects which continue to drive the needle in our continuous pursuit of quality (plus a very useful change to existing tester dashboard functionality). Here’s a recap of what is included in the latest uTest Platform release.

Bug Report Integrity

Most testers understand the role of a bug report is to provide information. However, a “good” or valuable bug report takes that a step further and provides useful and actionable information in an efficient way. As such, in addition to approving tester issues, Test Team Leads (TTLs) and Project Managers (PMs) have the ability to rate the integrity of a tester’s bug report by setting the bug report integrity to High, Unrated or Low. However, by default, all bugs will be set to Unrated.


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Meet the uTesters: David Oreol

David Oreol has been a uTester since the very beginning, and is a full-time Test Team Lead Premier and Gold-rated tester on paid projects at uTest. Before juTester-David-Oreol-300x300oining the community, David earned a B.S. in Computer Science from California State University Fresno and worked in IT and as a software engineer.

Be sure to also follow David’s profile on uTest as well so you can stay up to date with his activity in the community!

uTest: Android or iOS?

David: For work, both. I like testing on both environments, but for personal use, it is iOS and Mac all the way. I like the ease of use and integration between the mobile and desktop platforms. I don’t like having to constantly tweak my phone or computer to get it to work. I used to be a die-hard Windows fan, but I switched to Mac a few years ago and haven’t looked back.

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Why Are Testers Uninterested in Upgrading Their Skill Sets?

“The only type of testing that I can do is manual testing.”Distance-Education
“Test automation is very important, but I am too busy now to learn something new.”
“Test automation is useful, but I will learn it when I will need it.”
“I am interested in test automation, but I don’t know any programming and it will take a long time to learn it.”
“I want to learn test automation, but my employer does not have any training programs.”

Have you ever heard any of these stories? I have, and not only once, but many times, about test automation, load testing, and web service testing.

Most of the testers I know say in one way or another that they would like to learn more about their profession but, “not now, maybe later, when the conditions will be better, when they will need the new skills in their job, when their employer will pay for their training, when someone will train them for free, when they will be less busy, etc.” The list goes on.

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Google Test Automation Conference: Video From Days 1 & 2

The Google Test Automation Conference (GTAC) is an annual test automation conference hosted by Google, bringing together engineers to discuss advances in test automation and the test engineering computer science field.

GTAC 2014 was recently held just a few weeks ago at Google’s Kirkland office (Washington State, US), and we’re happy to present video of talks and topics from both days of the conference.

If 15-plus hours of video below just isn’t enough, be sure to also check out all of our Automation courses available at uTest University today.