uTest Platform Update: New Features and Enhancements Including +1 Version Two

uTestLogoBlack“Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort.”

– John Ruskin

A bunch of new features — and enhancements to existing ones — were rolled out this week to the tester platform for uTesters on paid projects. Here’s a preview of what was deployed this week.

+1 Feature V2

To further encourage use of the +1 feature, we have added the ability to +1 an issue directly from within the issues list and the duplicate bug warn feature.

Whenever you attempt to report a new issue and find out it is not unique via the duplicate bug warner, you can now click a +1 icon to confirm any of the referenced issues, without even leaving the issue report form.

The same feature is embedded in the issues list. When you hover your mouse over a row in the issues list, the number of testers that reproduced an issue is replaced with the +1 icon. When clicked, you can directly confirm an issue without having to navigate into the issue details page. This works hand in hand with the issue preview that you can trigger by hovering your mouse over the small magnifying glass in front of the issue title.

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uTest 2014: A Year in Review

The uTest community surpassed some amazing milestones in 2014, and our testers did some amazing things. From site features such as the Paid Projects Board and Public Profile, to huge community growth, to tester payouts, we hit records across the board. Check out the highlights of our landmark year in the following infographic.

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uTest Takes: The Best Testing Blogs From the Week

We publish a lot of content here at uTest not only on our Blog (which you have the distinct pleasure of now reading), but in our Forums and uTest Universityimages as well. But there’s also a lot of great content out there that catches our eye on a daily basis.

From time to time, the uTest Blog will highlight some of the recent blog entries that uTesters have crafted on their own personal blogs, along with some standouts from the outside testing world.

Here’s some of our favorites from the most recent week.

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STPCon Announces Spring 2015 Show Dates and Workshop Schedule

The Software Test Professionals Conference (STPCon) recently announced that their Spring 2015 show will take place from March 30 tSTPCONS15-LOGO1o April 2 in San Diego, California, and also unveiled a taste of the two days of workshops being offered at the conference.

STPCon is widely known as a leading conference for networking and education where testers can hear industry speakers such as Dave Haeffner, Joseph Ours and Christin Wiedemann.

Billed as “a program designed by testers for testers,” the full event schedule looks packed with lots of tester and developer offerings starting with an application performance clinic by Andreas Grabner on March 29. The opening event is BYOA (Bring Your Own Application) and will feature hands-on instruction.

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Know Yourself And Find Your Testing Profile

We live in a world of diversity. Everything around us exhibits multiple shapes, colors and textures. Looking at ourselves, we can see how dindexifferent factors, ranging from genetics to environment, ultimately will determine who we will be. It is this very diversity, far from being a threat, that enriches us, allowing for opportunities in a market where specificity plays a major role.

Similarly to how personal traits, experiences and acquired skills incline us to embrace a certain profession, our potentialities can be fully deployed when a career profile is wisely chosen.

Every job in QA demands a series of skills and traits common to the area. Finding our place means discovering ourselves to better fit in the landscape. In some of these roles, analytical abilities are most important, while interpersonal skills are emphasized in others. So what should we look out for? The following list, while not prescriptive, may help clarify several aspects normally needed.

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Olympics Fever Has Us Wondering: What Would a ‘Testing’ Olympics Look Like?

Boston2024_LogoIt was just announced yesterday that the US bid for the 2024 Summer Olympics was awarded to Boston, beating out other bids from Washington, DC, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Many in Boston are dreading the logistical nightmare of an Olympics built around a 1600’s era, Pilgrim-founded roadmap that confuses even people that live in Boston. However, we here at uTest have Olympics Fever from the prospect of the 2024 Games being in such close proximity to our headquarters, which got us wondering: What would a testing-themed Olympics Games consist of?

Here are a few events we proposed could actually take place during the ‘Testing Olympics':

  • Spear-throwing for bugs: Tester-athletes would be armed with spears, chucking them at targets of bug classics, including “Heartbleed”
  • Usability Testing…With Trampolines: Testers of various strengths and sizes would put their jumping abilities to the test…along with their usability testing skills…by testing out the weight and build quality of new-to-market trampolines
  • Greco-Roman Wrestling…With Developers: Testers would be able to take out their pent-up frustrations with developers by wrestling them Greco-Roman-style for Gold and glory

Which event would you want to see most at an Olympics comprised of tester-athletes?

uTest in January 2015: The Return of Mentoring, New Contest, Rising Stars

Fresh off the holidays and a very Happy New Year, the uTest Community team is feeling refreshed. And because we’re feeling that ruTestLogoBlackefreshed, there is a lot we’re launching this month.

Here’s a look at a bunch of programs just kicking off this week here at uTest.

A.C.E. Testing Mentoring Program Returns

We’re proud to announce that our A.C.E. (Assisted Continuing Education) software testing mentoring program is returning for 2015!

You may remember that the program was launched to help testers, whether beginners to software testing or in need of a refresher on core concepts, build a solid foundation of testing education to help achieve professional success and grow in their testing careers. This is achieved through various course modules, each geared to the software testing professional at various stages of his or her career.

We’re currently crowdsourcing which courses you want to see next as part of the program, so voice your opinion today.

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CAST Dates Announced, Keynotes Featured from 2014 Edition

As you may remember, uTest attended the 9th Annual CAST (hosted by the Association for Software Testing) in NYC this past summer for the first time, live blogging from the show and sitting down with some influential folks in the context-driven testing community.

CAST just recently unveiled its dates for the 2015 edition of the show, which will be held August 3-5, in Grand Rapids, Mich. According to AST, “at our 10th CAST, in 2015, speakers will be presenting stories, workshops and tutorials regarding their experiences surrounding how to advance software testing.” With this background, this year’s CAST is fittingly dubbed “Moving Testing Forward.” Additionally, the call is out for participants for 2015.

While uTest will be covering CAST at some capacity on the Blog this summer, in the meantime, check out all of the keynotes from the show below (including lively and humor-infused presentations from James Bach and Ben Simo).

Matthew Heusser: Software Testing State of the Practice (And Art! And Science!)

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uTest Announces Winner of QA Career Advice Contest

As you may remember, we kicked off a contest last month via the uTest Forums in search of your best software QA and software testing career advice. We enlisted the help of guest judge Rob Lambert, Engineering Manager and author of the book “Remaining Relevant,” to award a $250 cash prize to the best entry. Rob had the fun-but-arduous task of reviewing all of the entries submitted by our global community of uTesters. Winner stamp

I’m happy to announce the winner of our QA/Software Testing Career Advice contest is Jennifer Kitzmann, who authored Four Tips for QA Career Success. Rob chose this winning entry because “the answers were based on working out what your goals and expectations were rather than just what technique or test approach to employ. I liked it a lot, and I believe people new to testing would benefit from understanding these ideas and then going away and working out how to put them in to daily practice,” he said.

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The Best of 2014: Top Posts from the uTest Blog

It’s the beginning of a new year.

Amidst all of the celebration leading into 2015, we pause to reflect Best-of-2014-graphicall the stories and personalities that most shaped and influenced the uTest Blog in 2014.

It was already a big year for the uTest Blog in general — you may remember it was reborn in May of 2014 (along with uTest as the ‘LinkedIn’ for testers) into a single hub for everything QA and testing.

So you don’t have to dig around yourself, we’ve done all the digging for you. From pieces on a most-controversial testing standard to Selenium at 10 years old, here’s some of the articles that most resonated with uTesters and out in the social sphere.

Authors in Testing

A new series launched this year featured Q&As with major personalities from the testing world, along with exclusive discounts and excerpts from testing books they’ve authored. From Lisa Crispin to Dorothy Graham, check out some of these interviews from our ‘Authors in Testing’ series:

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