Advice Posts from Veterans

At uTest we want to provide all of the support we can for our new testers. We are very lucky to have an engaged community that is also committed to supporting beginners. A forum’s post started by a tester asks what the top worries and concerns are for new testers.

A few veterans contributed responses in the topic with what some of their original worries were and how the dealt with them. I wanted to feature them on the blog as a resource for some of our new registrants.  I kept the usernames the testers chose to use in the forums. Continue Reading →

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Top Paid Software Testing Projects at uTest: Week of August 10

As we enter the dog days of summer, tester participation tends to slow down a little. Despite this, we continue to utestLogoGooglePlus250x250receive a high number of projects and requests from our customers, all of which we could use your help on! This weeks in-demand projects cut across a wide array of categories and testing types, from UX testing, to functional testing for wearables, to payment validation.

For the week of August 10, 2015, here’s 10 of the most in-demand projects we’re currently sourcing testers for from our community of 175,000+ software testing professionals.

Don’t forget to check out even more active and ongoing opportunities at our uTest Projects Board.

Not yet a uTester? Sign up today to gain access to opportunities to work on paid testing projects like these, free training, the latest software testing news, and networking with over 175,000 testing pros. Join now.

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Software Projects Suffer From Poor Oversight Methodology

A large software project funded by the British government recently experienced massive setbacks partially due to an Software Methodologyill-suited development methodology.

Perhaps more so than any other industry, the IT sector has repeatedly found itself subject to business leaders looking to implement the latest hyped trends without properly considering how these implementations will fit into the existing operational structure. As soon as new technological advancements are released to the business market, C-level officers scramble to be one of the first to have it integrated into their enterprise.

Even departments with deeply complex workloads and daily responsibilities such as quality assurance teams are not immune to external interference. They may be pressured to employ the latest craze even when that solution does not completely meet their operational needs. Continue Reading →

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Digital Doctor Says You Are Not Having A Heart Attack …Physical Doctor Disagrees

Never one to fully embrace the idea of replacing tried and tested methods with new-fangled technology, the Fitness Apphealthcare sector is going through a period of readjustment. Smartphones and wearables now provide information to not only fitness fanatics but health-conscious consumers, with apps at the center of monitoring how we live on a daily basis.

Doctors and healthcare professionals have naturally been slow to accept the benefits of having a device at hand at all times, especially when considering that a personal or ill-informed diagnosis generated from an app could have a life-altering effect. The problem that they face, however, is that digital health technology is not only evolving, but shows no signs of slowing down.

Take a short stroll through the two major apps stores and the number of health or medical apps is quite breathtaking. There are literally hundreds of them available to download, ranging from basic fitness apps and health calculators to educational apps and personal screening options. Anyone who is worried about whether their heart-rate is a little slow can check it on a smartphone, and the average hypochondriac can confirm all of their fears just by clicking on an app. Continue Reading →

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uTest Platform Updates for August 5th, 2015

Each week, the Community Management team will provide updates on platform changes and bug fixes that are either upcoming or ready to be deployed. Here are the platform updates for the week of August 5th, 2015.

  1.       Ratings Algorithm Update

As many of you know, we roll out refinements to the ratings algorithm several times per year. This weeks also includes a fix for an issue that was limiting the upward movement of a limited number of testers’ ratings for the past couple months. Thanks to a fix from our engineering team, we will see all the testers affected receive the credit they earned during this time. Updates will be reflected on August 6th and we have already reached out to those affected by this issue with more information.

  1.       Tester Scorecard Improvements

The tester scorecard allows you compare your performance within a test cycle. Calculation of your rank is based on a simple point system. This point system has been updated to reflect that “works as designed” (WAD) rejections have no negative rating impact (but also no positive effects) and that “Did not follow instructions” (DFNI) rejections have a double negative impact (see image below for new view).

unnamed (1)

  1.       Bugs set to TTL Recommendation instead of System Chron

We have updated the way bugs are valued when a cycle closes before bugs are officially valued. Previously, bugs not resolved by the time a test cycle closed were set to either Rejection or Approval, but with no explanation as to the value tier. This new change will value the bugs as what the TTL (Test Team Lead) suggested during their initial overview. This means no more ambiguous approval or rejection reasons, as well as more fairly valued (and paid) bugs.

These platform updates will make it easier for you to gauge your performance in uTest cycles as well as provide fair value for your hard work.

In the works:

Here are some examples of ideas, in no particular order, that we’re discussing internally for future feature cycles:

  • Test Case Slotting – we’ve heard the feedback loud and clear, Google Docs are amazing but not when it comes to claiming a test case slot for a cycle. CM and Engineering are working together to determine possible alternatives, costs, and implementation times.
  • Updating Invitation Emails – see our forums post on for ideas on how we could make email invitations more helpful for testers.
  • Adding Certifications to the Profile – Whether you love them or hate them, we’d like you to be able to share those you have in your profile.
  • Updating “cycle is full” error alerts – Today’s message is confusing, especially for new testers. This would involve a minor overhaul to the messaging testers receive when they stumble across a cycle that’s already full.
  • Rapid Delivery – Customers have asked for smaller projects with quick turnaround times, this feature would allow testers who are online and logged into the Platform to see “live” projects that are running. Stay tuned as we’ll be sharing more about this beta program in the next couple weeks.

We’d love to hear your feedback. Use the comments below to share your thoughts! You can also join the discussion in our Forums here.

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STARWEST: Women Who Test

As you may have seen we are doing a UTEST4STARWEST contest this month. With the contest closing soon now is the time to enter your submissions for a chance to win a sponsored trip to the StarWest conference this fall!marketing tips for beginners

One of the many reasons STARWEST is a great opportunity for those in the testing community is their addition of a Women Who Test Day.

According to their website the description of the day is.

“Women Who Test is a full-day on Friday, October 2 for women to network with other women who work in software testing.  It is also a day to learn from and be inspired by each other. The program will cover testing topics and will support women’s personal and career journeys and include content like: reengineering your life, growing your personal brand, setting goals, discovering your career superpowers and how to problem-solve when you are a female in the tech industry where your gender is out numbered 7:3″

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Terror Comes As Standard In Our Connected World

Car drivers and unfaithful spouses have both had reasons to feel terrified in recent weeks.Backlit keyboard

In what is becoming a regular occurrence, black and white hat hackers hit the headlines for their work, with two extremely high-profile examples of what they can achieve. Both of the hacks received major media coverage, and while one may be more serious than the other, the plain truth is that we are living in a connected world where nobody is safe. Continue Reading →

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Avoiding the Common Pitfalls When Adopting New Technologies

According to, there are hundreds of new virtual and physical technology tools for businesses that come out new technologyevery year. Some examples of these technological tools are smart phone sensors that act as credit cards, ready-made e-commerce websites, and and endless number of Saas products. However, there are common pitfalls experienced by many companies when adopting new technologies.

Failure to Design a Process for Implementation and Evaluation

When adopting new technologies, IT and management tends to internally discuss and prepare technology implementation without outside involvement, as this is often a costly and complex process. However, when they officially start the process, in many cases the last ones to know about new technology are the users themselves. In order to prevent any disruption or backlash, is is therefore best to start the integration process through informing employees and customers about the potential changes at the beginning. Failure to do this will result in delays and frustration. Additionally, the implementation timeline should incorporate adequate training, and time for adjustment. In order to avoid these problems, it is important to continually evaluate how both employees and customers are adapting to the new technology. Continue Reading →

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Wearables Could Be The Future…It Just Depends On Apple

It must be really strange to be an Apple fan-person at the moment.

On the one hand, there is the frenzied anticipation that comes from knowing that iOS 9 will be released in the fall, Apple_Watchwhich means a shiny new iPhone to add to the collection. On the other, there is the growing realization that the Apple Watch is not likely to become the wearable game-changer that CEO Tim Cook had banked upon.

Throw into the mix the fact that Apple has just decided to resurrect the iPod – not the Classic as some of us had hoped, but the almost-an-iPhone Touch – and you could be forgiven for feeling confused. Strange things are happening in Cupertino, and not of all of them are breeding confidence among the faithful.

If we were to allocate a chief concern, it would have to be the Apple Watch. It’s performance – in both units sold and usability – since April have been, quite frankly, disappointing. According to a recent report by California-based Slice Intelligence, weekly sales of the device in the U.S.  have dropped 90% since it was made available to the public, with the research indicating that fewer than 20,000 watches are being sold per day. Continue Reading →

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STARWEST Contest Giveaway

Coming up in September, the much talked about STARWEST conference will be taking place in sunny Anaheim CA. For this event, uTest decided to team up with Techwell to offer our audience a chance to win a FREE trip to the STARWEST conference. The grand prize is valued at over $5,000 including tickets, hotel, food, and flight stipend.

If you’re an avid fan and would like to enter simply follow the directions below.


Starwest Aug 22

Click on the above image to download the timeline of the giveaway: compliments of the uTest Team. 


To enter, just join the uTest community and upload a presentation (in .ppt or .pdf format) by August 22nd about how applications and the testing world will change in the year 2020 – the more thought-provoking and imaginative, the better! We’ll select the finalists, and then we’ll open it up to a public vote to decide the winner. Voting opens August 30th!

The winning tester will be announced the week of September 4th.

Still need a few more details?

Sample presentation

We look forward to seeing your presentations and GOOD LUCK from the uTest Team.

Please feel free to leave comments below or log in and join the forum all about STARWEST.



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Apps for All: The Challenge in Providing Accessibility

Recently, New York City black car company Gett made headlines when they updated their app to provide greater accessibility braillefor blind and visually-impaired riders. This move was seen as a way to differentiate themselves from Uber, which has come under criticism for not making their app accessible and for denying service to passengers with guide animals. As a way to capitalize on the mistakes of Uber, Gett is allowing users to hail a cab through voice commands and to ensure that riders with guide animals are not discriminated against. Continue Reading →

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It’s Game Time- Testing Games for Mobile Devices

Gaming is a billion dollar industry with constant new efforts to capitalize on that. Gaming revolves around the consumers experience.Keep In a previous blog post we discuss why testing gaming devices and the games for these devices is important. However, here I stress why mobile game testing is now also essential. The app store is filled with new games daily and it takes more than just addicting puzzles and complex levels to attain and keep users interested. It is crucial that the app performs as expected or users will be quick to uninstall, write a poor review, and download a new game.

According to Forbes, 80% of smartphone owners have played a game on their device, while 46% play on a daily basis. The report further states that 65% of total online time is spent on either a smartphone or a tablet, with 32% of that time allocated to games. Continue Reading →

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