CAST 2015 to be Live-Streamed for Testers in August

The Conference of the Association for Software Testing (CAST) is celebrating a milestone this year in its 10th annual edition themed “Moving Testing Forward,” and once again, the largely context-driven testing event will be live-streamed for testers.

CAST 2015 is bCAST-2015-Bannereing held August 3-5, 2015, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and at the latest conference, speakers will be presenting stories, workshops and tutorials regarding their experiences surrounding how to advance software testing. The event is very unique amongst software testing conferences in the circuit in that it does not feature a vendor expo space or sponsored keynotes, and is totally by the ‘testers for the testers.’

Workshops are also divided into two parts — a presentation by a speaker, along with an “open season” following a talk. This open season allows attendees to question, discuss, and test the presentation, giving CAST a level of interaction often unmatched at most software testing conferences.

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How to Test for Security in the Cloud

The following is a guest submission to the uTest Blog from Sanjay Zalavadia of Zephyr.

In nearly every organization, employees are utilizing applications that interact with critical business and personal cloudsecurityinformation. Think about industries like health care, for example, that must manage patient and financial data while keeping it protected from potential breaches. For years, quality assurance professionals have manually executed tests to ensure that programs are safe, but this method could lead to redundancies and unnoticed vulnerabilities in the system. Many QA teams have moved their security testing approach to the cloud to improve reliability and speed up the process. Let’s take a look at how companies can use this method: Continue Reading →

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Top Paid Software Testing Projects at uTest: Week of July 6

After a nice long weekend celebrating our country’s independence (July 4th for all you non-Americans out there), we over at uTest are ready to start the quarter right and crank out some test cyclesutestLogoGooglePlus250x250 for our loyal testing community. This weeks in-demand projects feature a number of streaming and mobile wallet testing opportunities, as well as some cycles specifically for testers with certain language proficiencies.

For the week of July 6, 2015, here’s 10 of the most in-demand projects we’re currently sourcing testers for from our community of 175,000+ software testing professionals.

Don’t forget to check out even more active and ongoing opportunities at our uTest Projects Board.

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Top Five Highest-Rated Software Testing Tools at uTest

Testing ToolsSoftware testing tools will never replace the job of a tester and don’t have the heart and creativity that testers bring to the table when conducting exploratory testing. That being said, without a tried and ‘tested’ toolkit at their disposal, testers would arguably be ill-equipped to get their jobs done as effectively as they do.

For those that may be uninitiated, uTest offers a comprehensive library dedicated to some of these latest Software Testing Tools — designed to make testers’ lives easier.

Here are five of the highest-rated testing tools amongst our uTesters.


Arguably the de-facto tool in its class of testing, Apache JMeter is open source software designed to load test functional behavior and measure performance, and it’s garnered an average perfect rating of five stars in our community. Reviews from uTesters have stressed its simplicity and a rich set of third-party plugins available for integration.

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Announcing Our Winning Testers of the Quarter for Q2 2015!

First of all, I would like to thank everyone who participated in the voting for this quarter’s awards.badgeTesterOfQuarter

We started this quarterly recognition program to give credit to members of our community who have excelled in their roles, and more importantly, added value to other members through the consistency and quality of their work. As we come to the conclusion of this quarter, we are passing out awards for Outstanding Forums Contributors, Outstanding Content Contributors, Outstanding TTLs, Outstanding Testers(TTLs vote), and Up and Comers (TTLs vote).

In addition to the winners below, you can also view their names now in our uTest Hall of Fame. Without further ado, here are the Q2 2015 Testers of the Quarter at uTest: Continue Reading →

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Anarchy In Arkham; Multi-Platform Testing Is a Bare Minimum For Gaming

One of the endearing traits of the video game sector is that when it identifies an ongoing revenue stream, it makes batman-anarchysure that it milks that cash cow to death. Irrespective of the genre  – sports, fantasy, action, shooters, massively-multiplayer-online-first-person-shooter, fantasy-fighting, role-playing, strategy to name just a few – developers and publishers now want to provide the player with an immersive and exciting experience on a par with a blockbuster movie.

Game launches have become pop culture events. Gamers are more than happy to buy a title at midnight, waiting patiently for the chance to get their hands on a shrinkwrapped bundle of joy before rushing back to (probably) a dark and dank basement to plug in and tune out. Continue Reading →

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Defining Your Role as a Tester

Recently, I have found myself focusing less on the quality of an organization’s products from amarkusgaertner tester’s perspective. At this point, I find myself more and more in the role of helping organizations see the larger picture: How are they set up? What causes conflicts? How does the structure of the organization help build better quality? Most recently, I came across the work from Frederic Laloux and his book titled “Reinventing Organizations“.

Laloux has observed several companies in various fields that have a different structure than more traditional companies. The fields he examines range from nursing to car parts manufacturing. One of the things Laloux found out while studying these companies was the practice of self-defined roles. The idea is this: As an employer, you find out where you passion lies, and what you are good at doing. Additionally, you find out how your skills and your passions can bring value to your team, and your company. Then you go out, take advice from your peers, in order to define the role that you want to fill.

Ever since I read this, I wondered whether a different definition for testers based on this practice might be useful, and where it might harm larger efforts. Let’s explore these ideas. Continue Reading →

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Real-World Testing Makes Autonomous Driving A Reality

Self driving cars. A vision of the future that if you follow the musings of the mass media are soon to be a regular sightautocars on roads across the country. Google has been testing its autonomous cars for some time now – with the odd public hiccup – and has made no secret of its desire to get their vehicles into the wider motoring world sooner rather than later.

Eagle-eyed residents of Mountain View CA may have already noticed that Google’s pod-shaped prototypes – kind of like a Fiat 500, but with a distinct lack of Charlie Sheen – are already hitting their streets and, according to a recent blog post, the company is keen to have feedback. The self-driving system, which can reach a top-speed of 25 mph, has logged around 1.8 million miles on a Google test-track (recording 12 “accidents” since 2009) and the long-term goal is make the vehicles a standard part of the automobile industry within 5 years. Continue Reading →

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On-Site Job Opportunities Through uTest

Our Community is well established as a leader of in-the-wild software testing. We have freelance testers all over the russia-95311_1280world testing on real devices, in real-world conditions. With 175,000 testers in over 200 countries and territories, the uTest Community is an excellent resource for something else – full-time, on-site positions.

In 2015 we’ve seen a significant increase in the number of request from customers to help them staff full-time, on-site positions. Requests from our customers predominately feature QA positions; however we’ve also fulfilled requests for Automation Engineers and Mobile Developers.

While a number of these have been filled, below is a taste of what we’re looking for when recruiting an on-site role:

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uTest Announces Tester of the Quarter for Q2 2015

As Q2 winds down in 2015, we once again look to our community of testers to nominate their peers for Tester of thebadgeTesterOfQuarter Quarter Awards. As we kick off the nominations, I am excited to see some of our best and brightest testers get the recognition the deserve.

Testers can recognize their peers’ dedication and great work in various facets of their participation at uTest — from memorable and helpful content submitted to uTest University or the Blog, to test cycle participation — and recognize mentors who have helped them along their testing journey on paid projects at uTest.

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Product Hunt Discoveries – A Collection of Apps Found on Product Hunt

Personally, I am a big fan of Product Hunt, and try to check it semi-regularly. For those of you who are not familiar, producthuntProductHunt is a site that attempts to put together a community-curated list of the latest and greatest offerings from entrepreneurs everywhere. As an entrepreneur, you are required to receive an invitation from someone in the community in order to post your product or business. Although you can find everything from monthly boxes of Japanese candy to security cameras, a large portion of the products you will come across on Product Hunt’s pages are apps. Seeing as though the emergence of new apps (both mobile and desktop) is integral to keeping testers busy, I thought I would dedicate this space to highlighting some of the most interesting apps I have seen on Product Hunt recently. Continue Reading →

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My Time at uTest: What I Learned About Software Testers

Prior to joining the uTest Community Management team in June of 2013, I had experience in the technical realm with otuTestLogoBlackher companies in areas including network management, but software testing was a whole new beast to me.

Thanks to meeting some of the greatest people I have ever had the pleasure of working with in our testing community, I quickly embraced the art of testing. Here’s a few things that I found out about testers during my time at uTest.

They are an observant bunch

I remember my first week in the uTest Forums very well. I introduced myself. People welcomed me with open arms. It was great. Then I said it was a pleasure getting to know more about QA. That didn’t go over so well with one of our testers who kindly pointed out that they weren’t in the business of QA — they were a tester!

If this all sounds negative — it’s far from the case. Just like software testers push clients to make their products better everyday with their critical feedback, they too made me a better Community Manager by pushing me everyday to do better.

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