Kicking Off A New Era @ uTest

As you may have already noticed, we’ve recently had “a bit of work done”.  And by that, of course, we mean a massive, top-to-bottom redesign of all the uTest web properties (site, blog and forums).  In truth, this launch has been months in the making and required a mountain of work.  We hope you like the results.

Our goal was to revamp our brand to better reflect what uTest has become since our August 2008 launch, as well as to bring the real-world stories of our customers and our testers to the forefront.  After all, the best way to demonstrate the power of crowdsourced software testing is to let the results speak for themselves.  And our customers and testers have achieved some amazing result.

Aside from the crisp new look-and-feel, we’ve launched a much-improved uTest forums, as well a new Meet Our Testers application – an interactive global map that provides loads of information about our QA community.  But more on that in a second.

First, the new uTest homepage


And the new tester forums


And the global Meet Our Testers application


Take a closer look at each country…


Of course, we utilized our QA community to test the new site, blog and forums, as well as to conduct usability testing.  This provided us a with great deal of valuable testing before we flipped the switch on this new version.

Thus far, the feedback from testers and customers has been overwhelmingly positive, but we want to hear what you think too.  Drop us a comment or shoot us a note with your thoughts.

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  1. says

    You redesign looks nice.

    But please run a quick link check (using Xenu Link Sleuth or your favorite link checker).

    You still have a number of broken links in your new UI.


  2. says


    With uTest, customers can publish their own test plans, scripts and documentation. If they don’t have it, uTest project managers can consult with them and help create this important QA planning information.

    Alternatively, some customers work closely with top uTesters, share detailed info with them about their application, business, testing strategy, etc. and then pay a uTester to produce their test plan for them.

    Thanks for the question.


  3. Peter says

    We performed an upgrade to the uTest Platform this morning. The process was completed in about 30 minutes, and the sign in and sign up pages are LIVE again. Sorry for the inconvenience!


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