It’s Hard To Find A Great Developer, But 10X Harder To Find A QA Rock Star

While the economy still has quite a ways to go, there have been some interesting and very real signs that things are looking up! According to payroll processor ADP, payrolls among private employers in the US rose by 187,000 in January 2011; and analysts polled by are predicting 145,000 jobs added for the month.

In line with the recent turn, a new poll among professional testers in the uTest forums indicated that:

  • 22% are actively looking for a different job
  • 10% are passively looking for a different job
  • 10% are not seeking to change jobs and
  • 44% plan on doing more freelancing

Since this was a uTest poll, it lends itself to those who freelance (in addition to their full-time testing gigs) which may account for the 44% above, but what’s even more interesting to us are the non-freelancing trends.

When 32% of respondents are either actively or passively looking for a different job, it’s a sign of a better, recovering economy, which yields an unavoidable and perfectly healthy amount of turnover. And it’s those CTOs, Directors of Engineering and QA Managers out there that can identify and keep their ROCK STAR engineers and testers — the very building blocks of their QA organizations — whose organizations will win the day.

VP of Product Craig Daniel said it best in our recent interview – “As hard as it is to find a great developer, it’s 10 times harder to find a great QA engineer.” The lesson here is if you’ve been lucky enough to have found great people — testers who are passionate about their craft — pay close attention to the market’s road to recovery and do everything you can to keep them in your lane.

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