Is Apple Taking Over The Mobile World? The Numbers Tell A Different Story

If media coverage equaled market share, then I’d be writing this post from my iPhone (I’m not) and every single one of you would be reading it from your shiny new iPad (you’re not).  In case you haven’t been near a TV… or a computer… or a radio… or people… you’re aware that Apple launched a new product last week called the iPad.

And with the apparent ubiquity of the iPhone, one can only assume that Apple’s mobile market share hovers somewhere between 97% and 109%.  Unless, of course, you look at those pesky “statistics”, which is exactly what the fine folks at Comscore do each month. As  Jason Kincaid (@jasonkincaid) discussed recently, the latest mobile market share stats might surprise you:

  • RIM and their family of Blackberry devices continue to hold the pole position.  In fact, their actually gaining ground, picking up 1.3% since Q4 of 2009 to its current position of 42.1% of the market.
  • Android continue to gain market share rapidly jumping from 3.8% of the market in Q4 to 9.0% in Q1.  Android still has a lot of ground to make up to catch up with Apple and RIM, but a few more quarters like this and they’d catch (and pass) the leaders.
  • Despite the high-profile product launches, Apple’s share of the market was actually flat (down .1%)
  • Microsoft and Palm continue to shed market share (down 4.0% and 1.8%, respectively)

For those of you who have switched phones in the past few months, I’m curious to know if these stats are in line with the recent purchasing decisions you and your friends/co-workers are making.  What say you?  What smartphone are you packin’ these days?

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  1. Mahendran says

    As a die hard fan of Apple and Steve, i have to defend Apple…-;
    Media buzz is about the creativity,simplicity , personality and quality of Apple products.Apple’s products are not for everyone ,its for group of people who loves above factor thats it.Tell me whats the percentage of customer satisfaction among Apple and RIM. if media is covering movies, they talk about the Main actor not the supportive actors..Apple belongs to first,RIM belongs to last.

  2. says

    Sure. I will do that. When I said I need to research it meant I need to see which phone receives more projects on uTest *smiles*.

    I will catch Peter as soon as possible and get a SmartPhone *smiles*.

    Santhosh Shivanand Tuppad

  3. says

    Thiago: One clarification — this report was for the US mobile market only… not the worldwide market.

    And that is AWESOME that you’ve already bought several mobile devices for testing on uTest. Smart move, given how much mobile testing we’re doing (and how much it’s growing every month). Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thiago Costa says

    That’s impressive how RIM got such a huge portion of the market… Maybe I’m wrong, but Blackberry phones, in my opnion, aren’t that great. I mean, they’re good, but surely not good enough to have almost 50% of the market. Android is on its way to change that charter! hehe :)

    Regarding cell phones, I have bought a few of them (4) to test on uTest, my last purchase was an iPhone 3GS 16GB.

  5. says


    As part of your research, make sure you ask Peter which smart phones get the most testing projects from uTest… that way you can turn that new phone into a testing moneymaker!


  6. says

    Currently, I am having Sony Ericcsson W910i. I just got the software reloaded and it is working cool now. No Crash, no hang.

    I am thinking of purchasing a Smartphone. Probably a BlackBerry 9000. I am doing some research on it before I go ahead with it *smiles*.

    Santhosh Shivanand Tuppad


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