Get Ready To Taste, I Mean Test, Ice Cream Sandwich

I’m talking about the Android Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) – the fourth major Android OS version – which is growing closer to its release! Google is urging developers and testers alike to get ready for it, so consider yourselves forewarned. For now, what’s most important is to make sure your apps work on large screens AND small screens as this “cool” release is going to run on both tablets and smartphones.

According to CNET:

“Developers who created their apps specifically to run on Honeycomb-based tablets will need to tweak their APKs (Android packages) to either prevent or support their installation on smaller-screen devices.

The [Google Android developers] blog also offered some recommendations for tablet app developers on how to ensure that their design of the¬†Action Bar widget¬†works on smaller handsets.”

Additionally, be on the look out for the release of the ICS SDK, rumored to be available in a matter of weeks. According to Google:

“We haven’t released the ICS SDK just yet, but you can start preparing your Honeycomb apps by thinking about how they should work on smaller screens.”

Well, it’s just enough to whet anyone’s appetite! We shouldn’t have to wait too much longer before we learn more. For now, I’ll save this dessert for later.


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