Experts Say Java is Dead

There are countless programming languages out there, and one of the most long-standing is Java. So what’s the deal with Java?

According to Andrew Brandt of PCWorld,  Java is one of the weakest programming languages out there right now:

“Is it time to give Java the boot? Experts say yes.

Java, the programming language designed to make the web fun and interactive, has become one of the weakest links in a PC’s and Mac’s defenses against external threats. Consider the most recent Java vulnerability, a weakness currently being exploited by malware distributors: When Oracle, Java’s maker, released an emergency update to fix the software, security analysts reported that even the hot-off-the-presses code contains additional vulnerabilities.

But the most recent security problems with Java are far from unique. Security firm Sophos, for example, blames underlying Java vulnerability for attacks by the Flashback malware last April that infected one out of five Macs.

The risks don’t outweigh the rewards, security experts say. ‘I’d say 90 percent of users don’t need Java anymore,’ says Dominique Karg, the founder and chief hacking officer of AlienVault, a security software company. ‘I consider myself a ‘power user’ and the last and only time I realized I had Java installed on my Mac was when I had to update it.’”

If you currently use Java, a good way to protect your software against risks and vulnerabilities is to security test – well and often. Do you find Java to be useful – or to be the dying programming language? Share your thoughts in the comments section.


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