Don’t Miss the Newest uTest Features

uTest Platform ScoreCardLast month we announced the beginning of an on-going rollout of new features in the uTest platform. Together, these features make interacting with your testers, understanding your testing output and viewing the health of your app even easier than before.

Most recently, we’ve released:

  • Scorecard - A high level overview of your testing history with uTest. Users can now see trend information about any product they are assigned to.
  • Notification Management - Users can now specify how often they receive alerts from the uTest platform and what events should trigger alerts.
  • Improved Issue Detail page  - Issue Detail pages now have a cleaner interface to give you a sense of the most important details quickly.
  • Test Cycle Filters - Users can now quickly cut through and sort the output from test cycles.
  • Test Cycle Overview – Now users can access a quick overview of all the test cycle settings.

We have some big feature releases coming this summer so be sure to check back for new information.

Learn more and stay up to date about the latest features >>>

And of course, if you’re new to uTest and don’t know what this all means, be sure to check out our product tour and intro video.

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