New uTest Platform Features Emphasize Quality

Last week, uTest launched two new Platform features for uTesters on paid projects which continue to drive the needle in our continuous pursuit of quality (plus a very useful change to existing tester dashboard functionality). Here’s a recap of what is included in the latest uTest Platform release.

Bug Report Integrity

Most testers understand the role of a bug report is to provide information. However, a “good” or valuable bug report takes that a step further and provides useful and actionable information in an efficient way. As such, in addition to approving tester issues, Test Team Leads (TTLs) and Project Managers (PMs) have the ability to rate the integrity of a tester’s bug report by setting the bug report integrity to High, Unrated or Low. However, by default, all bugs will be set to Unrated.


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Meet the uTesters: David Oreol

David Oreol has been a uTester since the very beginning, and is a full-time Test Team Lead Premier and Gold-rated tester on paid projects at uTest. Before juTester-David-Oreol-300x300oining the community, David earned a B.S. in Computer Science from California State University Fresno and worked in IT and as a software engineer.

Be sure to also follow David’s profile on uTest as well so you can stay up to date with his activity in the community!

uTest: Android or iOS?

David: For work, both. I like testing on both environments, but for personal use, it is iOS and Mac all the way. I like the ease of use and integration between the mobile and desktop platforms. I don’t like having to constantly tweak my phone or computer to get it to work. I used to be a die-hard Windows fan, but I switched to Mac a few years ago and haven’t looked back.

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Join uTest for a #uTestChat Twitter Chat on Friday

This Friday, November 21st, we are excited for you to join @uTest on Twitter for #uTestChat starting at 1:00 p.m. EST. It’s time to huddle around the virtual water cooler and connect with your fellow software testers as we chat about all things software testing.

Have a question about furthering your career or breaking into a new testing type? How to write a great bug report? What’s the best testing tool for the job? Bring your thoughts and opinions, and get ready to spend some time connecting with the testing community. twitter-utest-chat

What is a Twitter chat?

A Twitter chat (or tweet chat) is a live, real-time conversation between a group of people on Twitter. The group follows one hashtag (#uTestChat) and your moderators from the Community Management team (Linda and Ryan) will keep the discussion moving.

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Meet the uTesters: Michael Solomon

Michael Solomon is a Silver-rated tester on paid projects at uTest, hailing from the United States (New York). When he’s not testing softmichael solomonware, Michael works as a freelance sound man in TV. You can visit some of his work over at his website.

Be sure to also follow Michael’s profile on uTest as well so you can stay up to date with his activity in the community!

uTest: Android or iOS?

Michael: iOS! I have had an iPhone since the first one came out, and I think I have owned every model since the very first one. I do have a Samsung Galaxy S4 for testing purposes. While the Android platform has become easier for me to understand, I most definitely prefer iOS and its abilities to sync seamlessly with my Macbook Air, Calendars, iMessage, etc.

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Meet the uTesters: Mikko Salamaki

Mikko Salamaki hails from Finland and is a Gold-rated tester and Test Team Lead on paid projects at uTest. He currently works as a Testing Specialist in his daM_facey job, and has been involved in several roles in software testing over the past 15 years, including beginning as a test designer. Mikko has also been a uTester for over 3 1/2 years.

Be sure to also follow Mikko’s profile on uTest as well so you can stay up to date with his activity in the community!

uTest: What drew you into testing initially? What’s kept you at it?

Mikko: Well, it was a bit of an accident, really, as my studies would have been more suitable for network router configuration or such roles. However, I got a summer job at a small mobile phone developer as a tester, and when I graduated, got a permanent job there, and realized that it was actually something I really liked to do. I still love to help companies increase their software quality, which is why I tend to shift place every few years.

uTest: What’s your go-to gadget?

Mikko: I’d say the number one gadget is my Lumia phone which is always somewhere close by, but I usually add Samsung Galaxy Note 10″ to the mix for heavier stuff (like uTest TTL work) if I’m not at home.

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State of the (u)Testers: Software Testing Careers Survey

little-uWhat got your peers into testing? What are their biggest pain points on their testing teams? Are they seeing any career advancement from their software testing certifications?

uTest has never conducted a study of its community members who have testing as their full-time careers…that is, until now. By launching our State of the uTesters software testing careers survey, we hope to give our testers a better picture of their peers’ testing careers — what motivates them, their testing aspirations and some of the biggest pain points in their organizations.

But the data will only be as good as the participation, so send in your responses today if you’re interested in what your testing peers have to say. We will also be selecting a  couple of random participants for a uTest t-shirt from all entries. The survey should take just 10-15 minutes and will be open for submissions until Monday, November 24. We will be publishing the results of this study here on the uTest Blog in December.


uTest Platform Feature Announcement: Duplicate Bug Warning

In the spirit of continuous improvement, we here in uTest Community Management wanted to share with you another great feature brought to you by our fantastic development team.

Today, we rolled out a Duplicate Bug Warning feature. Now, when testers are participating in paid projects and begin to file a bug, it will automatically search for keywords within the cycle’s Issue Reports and prompt the Tester with a list of possible duplicates for review.

bug warning

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uTest Platform Preview: New Dashboard for Testers on Paid Projects

A few months ago we welcomed Gold-rated Functional and Security tester Alexander Waldmann to the Applause Product Team. We are thrilled to have a long-term uTester helping build and improve the platform for our community of testers working with us on paid projects.

One feature we are excited to preview for you today is the new Tester Dashboard! Through working with various members of the community, we have identified the information uTesters need in order to have a more enjoyable and productive experience each time they log in.

Here is a screenshot of the revamped Dashboard in action:

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What is Exploratory Testing? Find Out with a New Course and Webinar

Exploratory testing (ET) is a hot topic within the testing world. Testers who are not familiar with exploratory testing are looking for resources to understand what it is and how to get started testing in this way. binocular_man-300x273

We recently debuted a new course in uTest University called “What is Exploratory Testing?” penned by Lucas Dargis and Allyson Burk. In it, we look at the “traditional” approach to testing, and review what ET is and how it differs from scripted testing.

We also look at why you should use exploratory testing and wrap up by showing testers how to get started. In the course excerpt below, we answer the question: what is exploratory testing?
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Meet the uTesters: Michael Moshe

Michael Moshe is a Gold-rated tester and Test Team Lead (TTL) at uTest hailing from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He joined the community just over three Michaelyears ago. You can reach Michael on LinkedIn, @xtalentbiz on Twitter, his IT employment website, and learn more about the book he recently authored on finding the right job in IT.

Be sure to also follow Michael’s profile on uTest as well so you can stay up to date with his activity in the community!

uTest: Android or iOS?

Michael: I use both — each has its strengths and weaknesses. When you get used to either, it doesn’t matter where to look for bugs.

uTest: What drew you into testing initially? What’s kept you at it?

Michael: It was the second year of my computer science studies at some boring lecture. The secretary enters the class and posts a QA opening note on the job board. The teacher says, “See, this is what will happen to you if you fail as a developer.” I applied and got that job! 8 years later, I believe that this was the best decision I’ve ever made, along with joining uTest.

On every single interview, I’ve been asked, “Why QA?” I was always saying that I just love it and I’m good at it, but the truth is that QA is a great way to make good money (while having fun) without a specific set of skills — it is the mindset that matters. For example, at uTest, all you need is motivation, dedication, communication skills, the willingness to learn and improve, patience and a bit of luck to become a TTL, Community Project Manager (CPM), Project Manager (PM), or even work onsite as QA for a big customer.

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