My Weekend with the Goat Simulator App

We often talk about the newest and hottest mobile apps at the uTest Community Management desk. Recently, I was curious if I was missing out on any top apps that I didn’t already have on my Samsung Galaxy S4. I am surrounded by a sea of iPhone users so I am used to not getting in on the latest apps until (much, much) later. Of course, I have the requisite social media, weather, and news apps installed but what is really hot for the Android app market these days? I checked out the top paid apps in the Google Play store and, to my surprise, the one odd app that stuck out is the Goat Simulator at #9 on the Top 10 list. Screenshot_2014-10-10-19-10-05

Per the app’s description: “Gameplay-wise, Goat Simulator is all about causing as much destruction as you possibly can as a goat. It has been compared to an old-school skating game, except instead of being a skater, you’re a goat, and instead of doing tricks, you wreck stuff. When it comes to goats, not even the sky is the limit, as you can probably just bug through it and crash the game. Disclaimer: Goat Simulator is a completely stupid game and, to be honest, you should probably spend your money on something else, such as a hula hoop, a pile of bricks, or maybe pool your money together with your friends and buy a real goat.”Continue Reading

‘Tis the Season for uTest Community Contests

If you haven’t noticed, we’ve gone a little crazy over tester recognition at uTest lately. We closed out the summer by crowning the victors of our epic Bug Battle and Ideal Tool contests.  Then we made a nice new home for our Testers of the Quarter and our uTesters of the Year in our Hall of Famelight-bulbs

To keep the excitement going, we thought we’d bring some cash and prizes to help highlight two other areas of software testing: your testing workspace and your favorite testing tools. We have two contests running in the uTest Forums right now:

Your Testing Workspace

What does your sanctuary of testing bliss say about you? This month’s uTest Community contest asks you to take a step back and examine this question – and take a picture of this testing workspace in the process!

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A Bittersweet Transition from the uTest Community

It’s with a heavy heart that I announce that after 5.5+ years of dedication to the uTest Community, I will be transitioning to a different role within the comPeter-Shihpany.

This move comes as an opportunistic one, as I now will be tasked with ways to help prospective customers understand the value that the uTest Community brings to their software lifecycle. And if I succeed in this new role, greater opportunities will be unlocked for you.

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A Separation of Testing and Product: Should Testers ‘Care’?

As a developer, it’s easy to care about that new app you’ve just created. Your new “baby” is taking off, being downloaded by millions of users all over hero_test_102011the world — and it’s your brainchild, one that you’ve poured your blood, sweat and tears into.

But for those testing that app — they may want to do a good job in ensuring the app is successful, but do they actually have an emotional stake in the product itself? The answer to that isn’t as clear, and it’s something that was recently discussed in a great uTest Forums discussion.

According to one of our testers, in one experience at their job, it was pretty easy not to care about the product — it was out of necessity:

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uTest Announces the Grand Prize Winner of the Ideal Tool Contest

we-have-a-winnerLast month, we asked the uTest Community to submit their ideas for the ideal testing tool – one with a unique feature or that combines some favorite features and functions into one tool. The Ideal Tool Contest was a competition for testers to design a testing tool targeted at the manual functional tester. We also offered one of the largest prize packages in recent history, with over $1,000 in prize money as well as uTest t-shirts.

Voting for the Ideal Tool Contest just wrapped up yesterday and we are happy to announce the Grand Prize winner and the four runners-up. Be sure to leave a comment to congratulate these folks! You can also take a moment to click through and read each of the winning entries.

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Meet the uTesters: Moises Ramos

Moises Ramos is a Gold-rated tester, Test Team Lead and 2013 uTester of the Year who lives in Barcelona, Spain, with his wife and two daughters. Moises began his career as a developer, changed to systems administration, and currently has been leading a Service Desk Moises Ramos - Meet uTestersteam, System Administration, and Application Management team for more than 10 years. He has been a uTester since February 2013.

Be sure to also follow Moises‘ profile on uTest as well so you can stay up to date with his activity in the community!

uTest: What defines a ‘valuable’ bug to you?

Moises: Sometimes in a uTest cycle, customers specify in the overview which area of the application or functionality they are interested in. If so, bugs related to this area are the most valuable.

If there are no details in the overview, I try to put myself in the customer’s shoes. If I were the QA manager for this application, what issues should I try to uncover? Misaligned text in Terms and Conditions? Or a problem affecting the checkout process? It’s also important to understand the customer’s business and the real purpose of the application or site you are testing.

Of course, the value of a bug not only depends on the bug itself, but also on how detailed and accurate it has been reported.

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uTesters and Applause Employees Gather for Rome uMeetup

italyItalian uTesters and Applause employees alike came together on September 10 as part of a local uMeetup in Rome, Italy.

Moritz Schoenberg, Senior Manager of Delivery Europe, and Yishai Cohen, VP, Business Development & Channel Sales for Applause, joined eight Italian testers over dinner and drinks at downtown Rome’s DoppioZero, a suggestion of Bronze-rated uTester Giuseppe Barbera.

One of the eight community members in attendance, Davide Savo, even made the five-hour drive all the way from Genova to Rome. Needless to say, our community shares quite the bond. It was also a homecoming of sorts for Applause’s own Moritz — while he has grown to Senior Manager of Delivery Europe, he started off as as a tester in our community, a former Most Valuable Tester to be exact!

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Community Challenge: Best Testing Tutorials Submitted to uTest University

The uTest Community recently uTest-University-300x95issued  a $250 challenge to testers: The top prize would be given to the tester with the best workflow and easiest-to-follow tutorial, as judged by our usability Test Team Lead, Inge.

Some of our top testers were certainly up for the challenge, submitting courses on that week’s topic: Screen recording on Android devices. This area is often a challenge for testers, and our aim was to look for Android experts who can share tools and workflows that make this task a breeze. For example, the tool making up the course should be easy to install, the workflow should be simple, and it should have the ability to export to non-native file formats.

Our expert Inge reviewed all of the submissions, and Gold-rated tester and uTest Forums Moderator Iwona Pekala came out on top with her course on ‘How to Set Up & Use Mobizen Screen Recording.’ Here are some of the recent courses as a result of this contest that we have published to uTest University, including Iwona’s prize-winning entry:

After you’ve checked out these tutorials on how to get started with these Android screen recording tools, be sure to also leave a review for fellow testers on what you liked — and didn’t like — about your experience, over at our Tool Reviews section of the site. And stay tuned for the next community course challenge, where the best tutorials will be published at uTest University!

Meet the uTesters: Pablo Baxter

Pablo Baxter is a Gold-rated tester on Paid Projects at uTest, and former Forums moderator, hailing from the United States. He is a U.S. Air Force veteran pursuing unnamedhis computer science degree at the University of California – San Diego. 

Pablo enjoys beautiful and sunny San Diego with his wife and two daughters, and his work background includes experience in IT/tech support, firefighting, aircraft maintenance, computer programming, and software testing. In that order!

Be sure to also follow Pablo’s profile on uTest as well so you can stay up to date with his activity in the community!

uTest: What drew you into testing initially? What’s kept you at it?

Pablo: I had some expensive hobbies my wife did not want to support (gaming, beer, computers, etc.), so when I found uTest, I figured I could make enough from it to support my own hobbies and then stop. However, after I started really getting into the testing groove, I just loved it. The community, the interactions, and the opportunity to really dig deep and find these bugs (I call it the thrill of the hunt) have been the main reasons I have kept coming back. The money is now secondary for me, but I still like being paid!

uTest: What’s your go-to gadget?

Pablo: My desktop computer. I know it’s not quite a gadget (not easy to carry around a desktop), but as a student programmer and tester, I find myself sitting at my desk working with my computer more often than with any other device I have at my disposal. Even when I am working solely on a mobile device, I am right next to my computer, monitoring logs, checking uTest Forums chat, and having some music or a movie playing.

uTest: What is the one tool you use as a tester that you couldn’t live without?

Pablo: Jing. It has been invaluable for presenting those bugs that are difficult to explain in text. If the customer is looking for just screenshots, Jing allows me to take them, select what part of the screen to capture from, and add text to (or highlight) the focal area as well. Mainly, I use it to capture a screencast so I can explain my thoughts or steps as I go through reproducing the bug.

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uTest Announces First Testers of the Quarter, Introduces Hall of Fame

A virtual drumoll, please. uTest is proud to announce its first-ever Testers of the QuarterMarty3.

If you’ll remember correctly, this quarterly program exists solely to recognize and award the rock stars of our global community. Testers recently concluded voting for their peers and mentors, recognizing their dedication and quality work in various facets of uTest participation: test cycle performance, course writing, blogging, and tool reviews.

And the recognition doesn’t stop there — as part of this announcement, Tester of the Quarter is now part of a recognition hub for not only this program, but all uTest award programs, including uTester of the Year. We are proud to introduce the uTest Hall of Fame, honoring the top testers in our community…past and present!

Now, without further ado, here are Q3 2014’s Testers of the Quarter:

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