uTest Teams With TestIstanbul, Secures Conference Discount for Community

uTest is excited to announce that it has partnered as a Supportive Organization with TestIstanbul for the 2015 edition of its testing confe2067a79rence.

TestIstanbul is the largest software testing conference in South East Europe and the Middle East, hosting nearly a thousand local and foreign professionals from the software testing realm. The 2015 edition will be hosted, as always, in Istanbul, Turkey, on March 27, 2015.

Sponsored by IBM, this year’s show is themed ‘Performance Testing: High Performance Software Driven by the Business,’ and features sessions on topics including stress and load testing techniques, test tools and implementation, testing in the cloud and practical advice on testing careers.

Keynotes include sessions by Goranka Bjedov (Facebook), Alexander Podelko (Oracle), Martin Spier (Netflix), and Ian Molyneaux (Intechnica).

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uTest Takes: Best Testing Blogs From the Week of Jan. 23

From time to time, the uTest Blog highlights some of the recent blog entries that uTesters have crafted on their own personal blogs, along with some standouts from the outside testing world.

Here are some such notables from the week of Jan. 23, 2015:

Blogs This Week from uTesters & uTest Contributors

  • Reading Recommendations #2: Continuing on last week’s theme of uTest contributor Daniel Knott’s favorite blogs of recent, he once again put together this list of 7 new blogs. They include topics in areas as diverse as expectations when speaking at conferences to designing products for wearables. One recommendation even includes a recent post from one of our own uTesters about knowing one’s testing profile.
  • Experience is Earned, Expertise is Granted: An ‘Ask the Expert’ interview we ran earlier in the week with Michael Larsen prompted this follow-up blog. It’s a great read and questions the very notion of ‘expert,’ and whether anyone can proclaim themselves as one, or if the moniker has to be imposed from the outside.

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uTest Takes: The Best Testing Blogs From the Week

We publish a lot of content here at uTest not only on our Blog (which you have the distinct pleasure of now reading), but in our Forums and uTest Universityimages as well. But there’s also a lot of great content out there that catches our eye on a daily basis.

From time to time, the uTest Blog will highlight some of the recent blog entries that uTesters have crafted on their own personal blogs, along with some standouts from the outside testing world.

Here’s some of our favorites from the most recent week.

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STPCon Announces Spring 2015 Show Dates and Workshop Schedule

The Software Test Professionals Conference (STPCon) recently announced that their Spring 2015 show will take place from March 30 tSTPCONS15-LOGO1o April 2 in San Diego, California, and also unveiled a taste of the two days of workshops being offered at the conference.

STPCon is widely known as a leading conference for networking and education where testers can hear industry speakers such as Dave Haeffner, Joseph Ours and Christin Wiedemann.

Billed as “a program designed by testers for testers,” the full event schedule looks packed with lots of tester and developer offerings starting with an application performance clinic by Andreas Grabner on March 29. The opening event is BYOA (Bring Your Own Application) and will feature hands-on instruction.

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CAST Dates Announced, Keynotes Featured from 2014 Edition

As you may remember, uTest attended the 9th Annual CAST (hosted by the Association for Software Testing) in NYC this past summer for the first time, live blogging from the show and sitting down with some influential folks in the context-driven testing community.

CAST just recently unveiled its dates for the 2015 edition of the show, which will be held August 3-5, in Grand Rapids, Mich. According to AST, “at our 10th CAST, in 2015, speakers will be presenting stories, workshops and tutorials regarding their experiences surrounding how to advance software testing.” With this background, this year’s CAST is fittingly dubbed “Moving Testing Forward.” Additionally, the call is out for participants for 2015.

While uTest will be covering CAST at some capacity on the Blog this summer, in the meantime, check out all of the keynotes from the show below (including lively and humor-infused presentations from James Bach and Ben Simo).

Matthew Heusser: Software Testing State of the Practice (And Art! And Science!)

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uTest Non-Profit Partner Awarded $1.8 Million to Fund Software Testing Center

uTest is proud and excited to report that Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo’s Regional Economic Development Council has awarded $1.8 million to Per Scholas 003a8273-72a8-4ba7-9b5e-d2308638f7d2-mand its Urban Development Center (UDC) partner Doran Jones. The grant will help fund a software testing center currently being built in New York, bringing 150 software testing jobs to The Bronx.

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Join uTest for a Town Hall Meeting on December 16

Back in May, you may remember that our company rebranded to Applause and that we, the uTest team, relaunched as an open community that exists to promote and advance the software testing profession. uTest-town-hall

As Matt Johnston, Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer, noted in his blog post at the time, “In line with this new mission, we will build a million-member testing community. Together, we’ll create the most inclusive, informative and important brand in the lives of testers. This means much more than simply getting paid projects.”

We introduced a brand new uTest.com back then and have since introduced many other enhancements over the past six months, such as:

  • A revamped Events calendar
  • “Follow Me” capability for community members
  • Leaderboard for members with the most followers
  • uTest.com Profile improvements
  • A recommendations feature that allows fellow testers to commend each other for great work

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uTest Launches Testing Careers Content Contest

Keeping up a career in software quality assurance (QA) and software testing means a constant balance of keeping up with the latest technology, a keen attention to detail and process, and understanding how to communicate (well) with the customer and testing team. Careers

For this contest, we are looking for your best software QA and software testing career advice or tips for a chance at a $250 cash prize! Ideally, your entries will have a minimum of 600-800 words and include cited sources where necessary.

Sample topics may include the following (but we strongly encourage you to come up with your own!):

  • 5 tips to ace the interview
  • Resources to improve your testing abilities
  • 3 bad testing habits you need to break

Rob Lambert, Engineering Manager and author of the book “Remaining Relevant,” is serving as our guest judge for this contest. He will read through your entries and pick the best of the bunch.

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Join uTest for a #uTestChat Twitter Chat on Friday

This Friday, November 21st, we are excited for you to join @uTest on Twitter for #uTestChat starting at 1:00 p.m. EST. It’s time to huddle around the virtual water cooler and connect with your fellow software testers as we chat about all things software testing.

Have a question about furthering your career or breaking into a new testing type? How to write a great bug report? What’s the best testing tool for the job? Bring your thoughts and opinions, and get ready to spend some time connecting with the testing community. twitter-utest-chat

What is a Twitter chat?

A Twitter chat (or tweet chat) is a live, real-time conversation between a group of people on Twitter. The group follows one hashtag (#uTestChat) and your moderators from the Community Management team (Linda and Ryan) will keep the discussion moving.

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Applause Announces the Ovation Awards: Vote for Your Favorite Apps

As testers working with hundreds of apps each year, you probably already have a good idea which ones stand out in the pack. Now’s your chance to letovationLogoLeftBlack that be known to the world.

360-degree App Quality company Applause is excited to announce The Ovation Awards, the only app awards that measure what brands & developers truly seek: the love and loyalty of users and experts.

We’re looking to you not only as testers, but as app users, to vote for your favorite apps from a list of 200 finalists across 10 categories (and across both iOS and Android). We have a panel of expert judges who will be poring over your selections and making their decisions. Here’s the timeline of the awards:

  • Public voting: Nov 12 – Dec 14 – Vote for your favorite apps – vote for just one, or vote for 20 (one per category per OS) from our pool of 200 finalists. This is a big part of what our panel of expert judges will consider.
  • Judging – Our panel includes accomplished mobile engineers, journalists, CEOs and others who understand apps inside and out. Oh, and that means testers, too. You may recognize long-time uTesters Lena Houser, Allyson Burk and Michael Larsen who are also on our esteemed panel! The judges will look at YOUR votes –  as well as the analytics used by our in-house team of data scientists to help decide the 200 finalists – in order to choose the winners across 10 categories and the overall grand prize winner for each operating system.
  • Winners: Announced January 14, 2015 – The winner for each category + OS will be announced, as will the grand-prize, overall winners for iOS and Android.

Let your voice ring loud and clear. Be sure to vote today for your favorite apps in the Ovation Awards!