Blog Recap: This Week’s Top Stories

The weekend has rolled around – and for testers and developers it’s time to catch up on the latest in mobile and web. Or perhaps it has been one of those weeks and you’re looking for something on the lighter “in-the-wild testing” side. Here’s a breakdown of the top stories from our other blogs this week:

Risk Based Testing

How do you test effectively when time and resources are stretched thin? If you read Risk Based Testing 101 by experienced IT professional Pramod Lumb and wanted more – you’re in luck. Risk Based Testing 102 is up! Check it out.

When is Responsive Design a Good Choice for Mobile Web?

You know you can’t shrink your screen to fit a mobile device – but the idea of mobile specific “responsive design” is still tempting. This post looks at when responsive design is a good choice – and the times when it’s not.

What Apple Can Learn From Windows 8

Microsoft’s Windows 8 has gotten some mixed reviews – the good, the bad and the just okay. However, TechCrunch’s John Briggs says there are some things even Apple could learn from Windows 8. Intrigued?

Mobile Apps Overtake Web Consumption

As tech users- where do we spend the most of our time? According to a recent study, the usage of mobile apps has overtaken the web and is edging its way towards a take-down of television.

Bring Your Own Device Trend Taking Over

It’s becoming undeniable. The “bring your own device” (or BYOD) trend is spreading in the enterprise world! Take a look at this Infographic on the 2012 BYOD challenge.

Kids vs. the iPod Touch In-The-Wild

Thinking about buying your kid an iPod Touch this holiday season? You may want to check out this video first, to see if the device can handle the real world fruit punch and Cheeto torture that having a child owner imposes. Take a look.


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