Give Back to the Developers This Holiday Season: Test Open Source

We here at the uTest Blog have long been a proponent of a harmonious tester-developer relationship. And according to a recent InfoWorld article, the best wlinux_penguin400ay to a dev’s heart this holiday season may be through testing their open source code.

According to the piece, “for proprietary software, the only option is to suck it up and hope your vendor will fix problems with a future release. But with open source software,” testers can actively be part of the action and “make contributions that lead to them being more effective for less effort.” This is the key to the developers’ hearts because devs on open source projects don’t have the support teams of robust enterprise players — they’re going to rely a lot on testers taking action versus complaining.

Here’s the main benefits of testing open source code this holiday season:

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The 10 Hottest Devices for Mobile App Testing (This Holiday Season)

testing devicesThe stockings were hung by the chimney with care…full of the latest testing devices.

It’s been a while since we last updated the testing and development world on the most popular devices amongst our community of 150,000+ testers. But we thought — what better time than the holidays to get your favorite tester a gift?

Testers within our community often want to know on which devices they should be testing. Concurrently, developers also want to know where their babies should be given the most love. Based on customer and tester data from our platform, here are the 10 most popular mobile devices on which Applause customers’ apps were tested in the past 90 days:

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uTest Announces Winning Testers of the Quarter for Q4 2014

Marty3After a very successful initial launch earlier in the year, uTest is proud to announce the Testers of the Quarter for Q4 2014 in the community.

If you’ll remember correctly, this quarterly program exists solely to recognize and award the rock stars of our global community. Testers recently concluded voting for their peers and mentors, recognizing their dedication and quality work in various facets of uTest participation including test cycle performance, course writing and blogging.

In addition to the callouts below, you can also view their names now in our eternal uTest Hall of Fame, which also includes all past uTest award-winners from 2009 and beyond:

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Is Scripted Testing Just for the Newbie Tester?

Scripted testing naturally seems like it’s a match made in heaven just for the novice tester.Microsoft Web Test Managment Runner Hub Test Runner Anna Russo

After all, you have steps and directions clearly defined — wouldn’t the inviting structure to the scripted testing compensate for a lack of experience on the part of the tester? Not necessarily, if you ask our uTesters, whom recently approached the topic in a lively Analyze This testing debate in our uTest Forums.

Most of our community members found that while experienced testers may be spending their time creating test cases and junior testers executing them, there were several notable reasons as to why executing these important steps can’t just be left exclusively to the novice.

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uTest Non-Profit Partner Awarded $1.8 Million to Fund Software Testing Center

uTest is proud and excited to report that Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo’s Regional Economic Development Council has awarded $1.8 million to Per Scholas 003a8273-72a8-4ba7-9b5e-d2308638f7d2-mand its Urban Development Center (UDC) partner Doran Jones. The grant will help fund a software testing center currently being built in New York, bringing 150 software testing jobs to The Bronx.

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A Tester and Developer Guide to Android Lollipop

If you’re an Android user with a recent phone, chances are you’ve already played around with some of the cool features of Android 5.0, officially dubbed ‘Lollipop.’ If not, don’t worry, Galaxy S5 and other phone users, your time will be coming soon.android_lollipop-212x300

But as a tester or developer, there’s not much out there on what those changes mean for you, so we’ve compiled some new resources from uTest University and our friends at ARC not only about the fancy, shiny new things available with the new version of Android, but specifically what testers and devs need to know:

While you’re checking out what testers need to know about Lollipop at uTest University, be sure to also check out all of the Android testing courses available as well.

The State of the uTesters 2014: Time Not a Luxury, But Testers Feel Valued

uTest recently conducted a survey within its own community for the first time, surveying uTesters on what motivates them, their testing aspirations, their views on certifications as a whole, and some of the biggest pain points in their organizations.little-u

The survey was not scientific and wasn’t designed to be (our corporate brand lovingly took that on earlier this year surveying the greater testing industry), but rather aimed to provide the outside world a glimpse into what makes our community tick and give uTesters insight into what drives their peers.

The survey was launched on the uTest Blog on November 7, and submissions ran for just over two weeks. There were 125 total respondents — 80 male, and 44 female — ranging from entry-level QA/testers to senior-level test analysts.

The major qualification here was that respondents not only had to be a uTester, but make their primary source of income as a software tester. Here’s the story the submissions told us.

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Video: uTest Partner BlazeMeter Talks Performance Testing with JMeter

Our friends at BlazeMeter last week hosted a live session giving testers and developers everything they need to run performance testing with the popular open source load performance testing tool JMeter. And we’re happy to share the session here on the uTest Blog.

The hour-long session starts with an overview of performance testing, then moves onto how to run performance testing with JMeter, why it’s worth using BlazeMeter with JMeter, and concludes with a Q&A hosted by BlazeMeter’s Ophir Prusak.

BlazeMeter is a proud uTest partner and provides next-generation, cloud based performance testing solutions that are 100% Apache JMeter™ compatible, and was founded with the goal of making it easy for everyone to run sophisticated, large-scale performance and load tests quickly, easily and affordably.

After viewing, you can also check out our Load and Performance Testing course track at uTest University for even more in-depth learning.


Meet the uTesters: James Donner

unnamedJames Donner is a Gold-rated tester on paid projects at uTest, based out of the United States. He is a professional driver, hobbyist programmer, software tester and perpetual learner. James has been interested in computer software for many years, and like many other uTesters, has a B.S. in Computer Science.

Be sure to also follow James’ profile on uTest as well so you can stay up to date with his activity in the community!

uTest: Android or iOS?

James: Wait a minute…no Windows Phone option here? I love, and keep at least one of, all three. In the past, I’ve always went with Android phones and iOS tablets. I think the iPad has always been the best tablet. I’m about to shake things up by going with a 5c as my main phone, and I’ve just ordered a Nexus 9 tablet. I really enjoy variety and testing on any/all of these devices.

uTest: What drew you into testing initially? What’s kept you at it?

James: I’ve always been interested in computers and especially computer software. I’ve dipped my feet into programming and published some very simple native mobile apps. I just wanted to try the other side of things and see if I liked to break things. It turns out that I do.

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uTest Announces Tester of the Quarter for Q4 2014

badgeTesterOfQuarterAfter a very successful initial launch of Tester of the Quarter a few months back, uTest is proud to announce Tester of the Quarter for Q4 of 2014.

If you’ll remember, this quarterly program exists solely to recognize and award the rock stars of our global community, and differs from uTester of the Year in that it puts the power of nominations directly in the hands of our testing community.

Testers can recognize their peers’ dedication and great work in various facets of their participation at uTest from course writing and blogging to test cycle participation, and recognize mentors who have helped them along their testing journey on paid projects at uTest.

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