Which Software Testing Blogs Are Your Must-Reads?

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve shared some of the testing blog entries that have caught our own eye from the greater testing community. And that’s something we’ll continue to do. bbc-blogsBut we’re interested to know what you’re reading, and why you find these folks insightful, as there are more new voices popping up each day with insightful things to say.

The context-driven community has a ton of prolific bloggers on the scene from Michael Larsen to James Bach. There are also plenty of bloggers out there who work to advance the software testing craft without an allegiance to a specific school of thought, like the ‘Social Tester’ Rob Lambert.

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uTest Previews uTester of the Year 2014, Launches Community Choice

uTestLogoBlackuTest is proud to preview that its 6th Annual uTester of the Year awards will be announced February 18, 2015.

These by far are the highest distinction a uTester can receive, and are a celebration our top community members of 2014 — for their dedication to quality, helping others in our community, commitment to uTest projects, and excellence in authored content on the uTest site.
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Top 10 In-Demand Careers for 2015 Include Testing

We’ve mentioned before that testers and QA engineers have some of the most job satisfaction out of anyone employed. Now, th7_top_sites_to_find_a_great_nonprofit_job_stk27423sigis already happy bunch may have something to be even happier about.

According to a recent report by Fortune Magazine based on data from job-seeking site Indeed, software quality assurance engineers and testers ranked no. 7 on its list of the top 10 most in-demand jobs for 2015 for US job-seekers.

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Apple Rolling TestFlight Into iTunes Connect

Apple will be closing its legacy TestFlightApp.com app beta testing site for good on February 26, 2015, moving the service entirely into iTunes Connect, according to TestFlighta report from our friends at ARC.

According to the TestFlight website:

The services offered at TestFlightApp.com will no longer be available after February 26, 2015. To prepare for the TestFlightapp.com closure, developers and team leaders are recommended to transfer their testers to the all-new TestFlight Beta Testing in iTunes Connect.

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uTest Teams With TestIstanbul, Secures Conference Discount for Community

uTest is excited to announce that it has partnered as a Supportive Organization with TestIstanbul for the 2015 edition of its testing confe2067a79rence.

TestIstanbul is the largest software testing conference in South East Europe and the Middle East, hosting nearly a thousand local and foreign professionals from the software testing realm. The 2015 edition will be hosted, as always, in Istanbul, Turkey, on March 27, 2015.

Sponsored by IBM, this year’s show is themed ‘Performance Testing: High Performance Software Driven by the Business,’ and features sessions on topics including stress and load testing techniques, test tools and implementation, testing in the cloud and practical advice on testing careers.

Keynotes include sessions by Goranka Bjedov (Facebook), Alexander Podelko (Oracle), Martin Spier (Netflix), and Ian Molyneaux (Intechnica).

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uTest Takes: Best Testing Blogs From the Week of Jan. 23

From time to time, the uTest Blog highlights some of the recent blog entries that uTesters have crafted on their own personal blogs, along with some standouts from the outside testing world.

Here are some such notables from the week of Jan. 23, 2015:

Blogs This Week from uTesters & uTest Contributors

  • Reading Recommendations #2: Continuing on last week’s theme of uTest contributor Daniel Knott’s favorite blogs of recent, he once again put together this list of 7 new blogs. They include topics in areas as diverse as expectations when speaking at conferences to designing products for wearables. One recommendation even includes a recent post from one of our own uTesters about knowing one’s testing profile.
  • Experience is Earned, Expertise is Granted: An ‘Ask the Expert’ interview we ran earlier in the week with Michael Larsen prompted this follow-up blog. It’s a great read and questions the very notion of ‘expert,’ and whether anyone can proclaim themselves as one, or if the moniker has to be imposed from the outside.

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State of Testing Survey 2015 Opening for Participation

Once again, the team at PractiTest is launching its State of Testing Survey for 2015, bringing together stories aUntitlednd pain points from the testing community around the world.

The 2014 edition of the State of Testing was a rousing success, having garnered over 600 responses. Once again, the study seeks to identify the existing practices and challenges facing the testing community in hopes of shedding light on these issues, and provoking a fruitful discussion towards improvement.

uTest is proud to be a supporter of the third annual survey, along with frequent uTest contributors including Michael Larsen, Stephen Janaway and Daniel Knott.

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Ask the Expert: Michael Larsen Answers Testing Careers Questions

Michael Larsen is a software tester based out of San Francisco, California. Michael started his pursuit of software testing full-time at Cisco Systems in 1992. After a picture-87071-1360261260decade at Cisco, he’s worked with a broad array of technologies and in industries including virtual machine software, video game development and distributed database and web applications.

Michael is a member of the Board of Directors for the Association for Software Testing, the producer of and a regular commentator for the SoftwareTestPro.com podcast “This Week in Software Testing,” and a founding member of the “Americas” Chapter of “Weekend Testing.” Michael also blogs at TESTHEAD and can be reached on Twitter at @mkltesthead.

In our first Meet the Expert piece, Michael fields questions from uTesters and gives advice on career success in testing.

Is there anything you feel was key for your career success (i.e. was there a thing you did — or still do — that you’re willing to single out as the biggest contributing factor)? Why have all of us have heard of you but not your fellow testers from Cisco? - Milos Dedijer

Michael Larsen: First of all, I think it’s important to realize that just because you have heard of me, it does not speak to the skills (positive or negative) of many of my testing compatriots at Cisco Systems. The reason you have heard of me is that I have made a point of becoming broadly involved in the software testing community. Six years ago, you would not have heard of me either, because I had not made the decision to engage in that manner.

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uTest 2014: A Year in Review

The uTest community surpassed some amazing milestones in 2014, and our testers did some amazing things. From site features such as the Paid Projects Board and Public Profile, to huge community growth, to tester payouts, we hit records across the board. Check out the highlights of our landmark year in the following infographic.

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uTest Takes: The Best Testing Blogs From the Week

We publish a lot of content here at uTest not only on our Blog (which you have the distinct pleasure of now reading), but in our Forums and uTest Universityimages as well. But there’s also a lot of great content out there that catches our eye on a daily basis.

From time to time, the uTest Blog will highlight some of the recent blog entries that uTesters have crafted on their own personal blogs, along with some standouts from the outside testing world.

Here’s some of our favorites from the most recent week.

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