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Applause Keyword AlertIt’s been a busy couple of months for our uTest Labs team working on Applause. There have been news stories, a few awards and even some great recognition from top-tier analysts. Despite all of this, the team is still working hard every day to make sure Applause is delivering the best analytics in practical ways that help businesses and brand owners best understand what their users really think about their apps and those of their competitors.

That’s why today, the Applause team is thrilled to announce some brand-new features:

  • Review Management – Labeling: Starting today, we will be renaming Review Stream  to Review Management  to more accurately reflect its intention and how it is being used by Applause users. While Review Management will be growing in scope and feature set over the next quarter, we’re excited to announce the addition of labeling. With labeling, signed-in Applause users can now label any review within an app with a custom label. Labels can be reused and also act as a filter. For example if I want to label any of my reviews that have to do with the app’s marketing, I can add a “Marketing” label. Later when signing in I could click on this label again to bring up all previously labeled reviews. Each review can have multiple labels associated with it. Users can label any app within the Applause platform.
  • Custom Alerts: In addition to our standard alerts about changes in Applause Score, we’re now enabling users to set up custom alerts for certain keywords and/or star ratings. Users can create alerts around any app to receive a daily (assuming new reviews) summary of app reviews which meet their specified criteria.
  • Cleaner Collections: The Collections Drawer has received a facelift to make it easier for first-time users to interact with. Now, users can specify which Collection they’d like to interact with. Collections are also easier to identify. They now utilize the first four app icons of any collection so that users can quickly determine which Collection they’d like to use.

Check out a short video about how Review Management works and find out what people think about YOUR app today, at Applause.

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