Advice from 2011′s Testers of the Year

2011 uTesters of the YearEarlier this year we announced the 2011 uTester of Year awards. After all the winners were notified, prizes and certificates created, and a big trip to the post office made, we still didn’t feel like we were done yet! As community managers we want to make sure that we are always engaging with our testers and learning from each other. For this reason we reached out to our 2011 uTesters of the Year once more to ask them a couple questions about winning this award and to share some of their advice with us, and they had quite a lot to say!

What does winning uTester of the Year 2011 mean to you?

“It means that my effort and the energy I have put into my work has been recognized and appreciated, and this pushes me to go further.” Anand Ashish, Australia

“I was truly shocked to get the award. To even be mentioned in the same group as the others was a truly humbling experience and gave me the encouragement I needed to push forward. When I first started I never thought I would be able to do the work that I am doing from home, and it continues to grow!” Peggy Fobbe, USA

“It’s cool to be recognized. You don’t always get that from a corporate job.” John Kotzian, USA

“It’s a great feeling being part of an elite group. Simply, it means my efforts over the last year were truly appreciated by uTest, and it means that uTest cares about people, not just profits.” Amit Kulkarni, India

“It was surprising, but exciting, to have been selected as Android Tester of the Year. I really like working on mobile devices and it’s an honor to be recognized for something I enjoy. uTest is a great platform for all testers and I hope to keep doing this work even more this year.” Lena Houser, USA

What advice would you give to other uTesters?

“Test with the customer in mind. Take a look at the bug you are about to file, will it truly be valuable to the customer? If so, file it.” Carl Schrader, USA

“Always show respect to yourself, other uTesters, the Project Managers and the customers, everyone that helps make uTest a wonderful community and service provider.” Nicola Sedgwick, United Kingdom

“Pay attention to the details of each test cycle and if you have questions don’t be afraid to ask.” Andy Merrill, USA

“Where you can, get involved in the forums and discussion threads. You will soon realize uTest has a great community of testers who are more than willing to help each other out.” Paul Teasdale, United Kingdom

“Always give 100% in everything and strive to do a good job. As well as participating in test cycles, I find it important to help out others in the community and imparting knowledge. This is something that I believe only makes our community and spirit stronger.” David Honeyball, United Kingdom

“Be professional in your communication and don’t panic if a bug gets rejected – that’s not the end of the world!” Moritz Schoenberg, Germany

“Just believe you are great at whatever you do. Don’t think too much about the competition, it will only drain your energy. We are working together and growing together as testers.  Find your passion and don’t let anything stop you. Most importantly, love your work and enjoy it!” Arsiadi Sriyanto, Indonesia

I’d like to congratulate our 2011 winners again and thank them for their sage advice. The bar is clearly set high for 2012 and the competition is in full swing! As advised by several of our current winners, take full advantage of the forums and get involved in our community, our collective knowledge is invaluable!

The 2011 Testers of the Year sporting their new uTest shirts

Anand Ashish  Arsiadi Sriyanto  David Honeyball

Moritz Schoenberg  Paul Teasdale  Lena Houser

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