A Software Testing Exercise

Chances are if you’re a tester, you probably spend the bulk of your work day sitting in front of a computer. You don’t have to be the Surgeon General to know the eventual result of such a lifestyle: weight gain.

If only there were a way that one could test software and burn calories at the same time. Well, now there is. Here’s a funny story from The Register:

No self-respecting techie would ever be seen dead in a gym. If you want to get fit, just put down the doughnut and go for a walk. However for those of you who do submit to treadmill workouts but don’t want to miss a minute’s coding time, this might interest you.

Brainy old Reg friend Bill Softky has come up with an ingenious low-tech contraption for people who want to use a conventional laptop while at the gym. The CardioDesk cracks the problem of providing a stable surface, fits most treadmills and folds away to the size of a book- it’s about an inch thick.

The prototype, which you can see here, is hardwood, but with a bit of interest (and a bit of investment) we should see a much cheaper carbon fibre version to go into production.

He admits it’s “an unusual solution to a nearly unknown problem”, but some of the most successful inventions are just that.

As a side gig, I think I’ll create a promotional series that’s half testing (advice and tips from people like James Bach, Michael Bolton and others) and half exercise (workouts from Richard Simmons and Chuck Norris). I’ll call it TesterCise. It’ll make millions.

On a more serious note, if you’re looking for ways to offset the ill effects of sitting at a desk all day, here are some tips from WebMD.

Test healthy my friends.

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