5 Hot IT Jobs in 2014

Hot IT JobsAs the new year dawns, some of you might be thinking about switching careers. Where should you go? Here are a few hot areas in IT that will likely see job growth during 2014.

Web Developers
While it may seem like mobile apps are taking over, the web isn’t going anywhere any time soon. According to a few sources, open source programing languages are the most in demand. From ComputerWorld:

The clients of Doug Schade, principal consultant in the software technology search division at hiring firm WinterWyman, are especially interested in Web developers who know open source languages. In addition to Java skills, Ruby and Python development backgrounds are desirable, reflecting a development trend that de-emphasizes Microsoft languages, he said.

Robert Half Technology’s 2014 IT Salary Guide also highlights .Net, PHP, Silverlight, Flex and a few other skills as being especially sought after right now.

Developers for iOS apps are the most coveted, according to John Reed of Robert Half, but Android developers are also highly sought after and even developers with Windows Phone skills will likely find a place this year.

While the lure of native mobile apps may be inciting, don’t forget about mobile web. Many companies are recognizing the need for mobile optimized websites.

Understanding how to create a site that can be easily viewed and navigated from a handheld device is just as important to employers as knowing how to develop a mobile application, [John] added.

As Mashable notes, mobile app development gives employees a wide range of things to work on. This means there’s a need for even more employees for mobile projects and gives people a chance to find a job that they’re truly passionate about.

Mobile developers work on the design, back-end and creation of mobile apps, and depending on the company, can include entertainment, information, communication and more.

QA Specialists
With all this new development, companies find themselves lacking in the QA department. If you are an experienced software tester, you’re likely to find yourself in high demand in 2014.

Companies may struggle to find people with software quality assurance backgrounds as they look to add those positions after cutting them during the recession. Employees who lost those jobs began new careers, reducing the pool of qualified workers, Reed said.

“The system kind of got purged of the specialists,” he said.

Whether companies build up in-house teams or turn to outside testing solutions, they know they need to invest in some good testing expertise. QA professionals will have their pick of where to go, and can even work on projects for several companies by joining a crowdsourced testing community rather than taking a corporate job.

Security Experts
Just like the poor QA department, security experts took a hit during the recession. But with so many data leaks and security vulnerability announcements making it into the news lately, companies are realizing the error of their ways. In 2014, many companies will scramble to beef up their software security efforts.

IT security followed the same pattern and employers are now encountering a lack of security talent, he added. In a Robert Half Technology survey 14 percent of CIOs polled listed security as an area where finding qualified staff is challenging.

Chief Digital Officer
This emerging title was created by companies that recognize that they need a dedicated top-level employee who can identify where the company should go with its digital presence and help them get there. Last year, 6% of companies had CDO’s, according to Gartner, and that number is expected to grow this year. Be warned though, while the other job trends are likely here to stay for a while, it’s unclear at the moment whether the chief digital officer role will be a transition position or stick around for awhile.

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