Have You Hugged a Tester Today?


Members of uTest Community Management give uTest/Applause QA Manager Bryan Raffetto a long overdue embrace.

So I hear a lot about hugging developers. ‘Have you hugged a developer today?’

In a recent video from the good folks at Smartbear, in fact, software testing consultant Dawn Haynes said, “Why don’t you buy a developer a doughnut? You know, make friends and give people positive feedback as well, not just only the negative.”

And I don’t have anything against this. In fact, developers are lovely people who have to put up with a lot themselves. My only gripe is that the testers aren’t usually the ones getting these bountiful gifts of doughnuts and hugs.

Until today. The Community Management Team at uTest decided it was about time that a tester got some hugs, so we trekked from the 5th floor penthouse at the Applause/uTest HQ down to the 4th floor and rectified this immediately, embracing our in-house Applause and uTest QA Manager Bryan Raffetto. Needless to say, love was in the air. It’s about time someone hugged a tester. If anyone knows the hardships a tester must endure and can empathize, it’s the CM team.

So have YOU been hugged today? If not, be sure to hug a fellow testing colleague. Maybe they’ll return the favor.

If you’re also feeling adventurous in spreading the tester love, feel free to tag a picture on Twitter with #hugatester. Maybe you’ll end up on the uTest Blog!

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