Connect With Your Favorite Testers With New Profile Features

Since the launch of the new uTest in early May, we haven’t paused to build new features and functionality that can add value to your software testing lives. We know that you’re busy and keeping on top of the latest news and information in the testing world can be a challenge. Therefore, we’re happy to launch two new features today: Follow Me and Activity Feed.

The Follow Me feature is located on all uTester profiles, allowing you to easily get updates from your favorite uTesters at the click of a button, viewing the Activity Feed of their latest contributions to blog posts, tool reviews, and more. follow button

Following your favorite uTester is easy — just look for the blue Follow Me button in the lower right corner of their banner image. With one click, you will now receive updates every time that uTester posts a new comment, pens a blog post or University course, or reviews a new tool. Don’t know the profile URL of the person you want to follow? Find it here.

The Activity Feed is your one stop to see the latest updates from the people you’re following. Your activity feed is sortable by blog comment, blog post, University course, University comment, and tool review, so you can control what types of updates you see.

Linda-Activity Feed

The Activity Feed page is also where you can view and manage your follower list. New users are added at the top of the list, so you can identify your newest followers. We’ve also made it as easy as possible to unfollow or block users within the same window.

Linda - manage users

Not sure where to start with the new Follow Me feature? Here’s a small sample of uTesters to get you started!

Remember, you can search for any uTest profile on the search page. Additionally, review more or contribute your own list of follow-worthy testers on the forums!


  • Davide Savo says:

    Noooo… where is the other “Hero” Mark B.????????????? ah ok… there is a search…

  • Viktor Slavchev says:

    Hi guys, very nice features to have I only have one suggestion, as a tester to fellow testers.
    The “Follow me” feature, might be optimised a litttle bit by reloading just the cover part – the div container with the cover + profile photo. Now it’s reloading the whole page which is a bit unnecessary. My suggestion is just replace the follow me button with a spinner animation, while the async operation updates the content in the cover container and remove it when OK or display the button + error message incase of error. I think Twitter operates the same way.
    Other wise great job. Thanks :)

  • Kalyani Paturi says:

    Its a wonderful feature to follow the fellow testers ..

    Thanks Utest