Three Ways for Testers to Take Their Careers to the Next Level

6a00d8341c64d253ef0120a5aa8aa3970c-800wiI had lunch recently with a few recruiters that asked me for referrals for performance testing roles. They had a number of open roles and could not find anyone suitable.

The discussion reminded me of possible ways for a tester to take his or her career to the next level. There are a few things that can be done.

Staying the Course and Improving Your Skills

The first is to continue to do what you know well and aim at becoming as good as possible. Most of the testers take this road and choose to learn mostly about manual, back box testing.

One image that comes to mind for the tester that pursues this road is the small fish in a big bowl. Since the bowl is big, there are many other fish around, and the competition for space and food is high. For testers that do just manual testing, there is a high level of competition for new jobs, the rates are not that high (due to the size of the market) and the demand is up and down.

Taking the Less Popular Path

Another option for career advancement is to work on testing types that are less popular, like performance testing or test automation.

Coming from manual testing and moving to performance testing or test automation implies usually a long time for training and becoming proficient. But after that, the tester can access a niche in the market that is less populated, with steady demand, often with roles that cannot be filled and that pay much more than manual testing.

These types of testers look like the big fish in the small bowls.

The Combination Approach

The last option for career development is a combination of the first two. These fish are very rare to find.

Alex Siminiuc is a uTest Community member and has also been testing software applications since 2005…and enjoys it a lot. He lives in Vancouver, BC, and blogs occasionally at

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  • Sarita Chopra says:

    Anyone can suggest how we can learn performance testing?

  • Lucas Dargis says:

    Here’s a good place to start Sarita

  • joe niver says:

    Alex or others:
    I have a history of Software development, mostly in PC. I am interested in learning a couple of the tools that would be good for my testing career.

    I have run thru the tutorial on Eclipse and the SDK for android and built the test app and ran it on my Galaxy and ASUS tablet.

    I installed the Apache-jmeter program and got it configured and running up to the ICE-somthing part.

    What tools would be best to learn for performance and automation?

    Thanks for all comments,

  • Ziya Ilkem Erogul says:

    Thanks for the information. You’re right about “Taking the Less Popular Path” and I’ve been working on test automation lately. Gathering some information, improving my programing skills etc. I will be ready take the less popular path soon.

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