Announcing the 2014 Summer Bug Battle, uTest’s First Since 2010

Marty3uTest is happy and excited to announce that a proud tradition and competition that started in our community in 2008 is back after a four-year hiatus…the Bug Battle!

Bug Battles are arguably even more popular than they were since the last time we held this esteemed competition. Companies from Microsoft to Facebook are offering up bounties to testers that find the most crucial of bugs bogging down their apps, and putting their companies’ credibility on the line.

The Bug Battle launches right now, Wednesday, July 23. Testers will have two weeks, until Wednesday, August 6th, to submit the most impactful Desktop, Web and Mobile bugs from testing tools contained on our Tool Reviews site. Only the best battlers will take home all the due glory, respect, and the cash prizes! And speaking of those cash prizes, we’ll be awarding well over $1000, along with uTest swag for bugs that are not only the most crucial and impactful, but that are part of well-written bug reports.

Want to be updated on all of the action? Be sure to follow along on your favorite social media channels so you don’t miss any of the milestones:

We’ll also be keeping you covered on the competition here at the uTest Blog every step of the way, along with the announcement of the winners on Wednesday, August 20th…after the community gets their say in voting!

The competition is only for members of the uTest Community, which…ahem…is totally free, so if you’re not a member, sign up today. Beyond the competition, you’ll also have access to some of the top testing talent in the industry in our Forums, and a wealth of free training content at uTest University.

Be sure to check out all of the full submission details, rules, prizes and deadlines over at the official 2014 Summer Bug Battle site.

Let the games begin!

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