Web Debugging Proxy Tool Showdown: Charles vs. Fiddler

Web debugging proxy tools are used by developers and testers alike in areas such as capturing HTTP traffic between computer and the Internet, and especially in performance testing to find where site performance bottlenecks are occurring.

Charles Web Debugging Proxy and Fiddler are two well-known tools in this realm, Charles being a paid option, and Fiddler being a free product.

Many developers and testers across the Interwebs have praised Fiddler’s free and “open” nature, specifically the ability to add custom rules to modify requests and responses on the fly. However, based on the scarce data we have for these two tools in our Tool Reviews, it’s pretty hard to draw any firm conclusions from our own tester base on which is best in a head-to-head matchup. So we must ask the question: Who wins the web debugging proxy tool showdown: Fiddler or Charles?

Be sure to sound off in the comments below, and/or leave a review of these tools over at Tool Reviews to spread the good (or bad) word to your fellow testers.

Charles Web Debugging Proxy VSFiddler

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  • Kirill Bilchenko says:

    unfortunately both tools working bad on Linux based systems, but for windows both of tools enough good.

  • Joao Paulo Musico says:

    Hi Ryan,

    Used both and I think they can do the same tasks but personally I prefer Charles user experience. The way we can simulate http responses regarding specific requests is more user friendly in Charles than Fiddler.
    And usually when I need to check http traffic is to do other tasks like create performance scripts, so I also use JMeter for this task.

    So my vote is for Charles :)

    João Musico

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