Screen Mirroring Tool Showdown: Reflector and MyMobiler…Versus the Rest?

Recording the screen of your mobile device is really useful when it comes to testing. It helps clarify the actions leading up to the issue, especially with “in-the-wild” testing. However, many testers struggle with the best method for capturing that bug in video on that particular device or in the clearest way.

Based on reviews, it seems that iOS uTesters love Reflector which will wirelessly display your iPad or iPhone on your computer. Despite the small investment, those who have used the tool would say that it is worth it if you’re looking for a built-in recorder.

For Android users, there is MyMobiler which is a desktop application that allows you to capture the screen or video of your Android device through a USB connection or WiFi. Based on reviews, MyMobiler seems to be the best option if you don’t want to root your device.

Do you use either of these tools? Or do you prefer to use a secondary device to record your screen?

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  • Jessy Xavier says:

    Well I gave reflector a run but I ended up putting an investment on AirServer. It did the work much better.
    On the Android side I am rolling with Dalvik Debug Monitor tool in the Android SDK pack. It does everything I need done on my Android phone from recording to logging and capturing.
    With that said I thank my Utest tester for laying down a beautiful eduction path that we all can learn from.

  • Christian Seifert says:

    Slightly off-topic: I’m using this $0 contraption (couple recycled boxes, old batteries in bottom box for stability, tape) to place a mobile neatly, easily and quickly on top of another (the strip of film on top is for securing the recording device in place) while giving me enough room to work the screen of the main device. It may be low-tech, but this way, one can also keep recording during a device restart or crash.

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