Meet the New uTest: The Professional Network for Testers & Test Engineers

A few months ago, Forbes announced uTest would be changing its name to Applause in 2014. And after six months of hustle, that move happened today. So if you’re a company that’s looking for in-the-wild testing services, or tools for build distribution, crash reporting, user feedback or app store analytics, check out the brand new Applause & its 360⁰ app quality offering.The new uTest

Good, now that they’re gone, let me be the first to welcome you to the bigger, better uTest. For the past five years, we’ve been the best place on the planet for anyone in the QA space — including individual testers, test managers, test engineers & usability experts — to find paid projects. And that’s still true. In fact, we pay out millions of dollars per year to our community, while connecting them with cool new testing opportunities.

But with our customer-facing efforts becoming Applause, we debated what to do with the uTest name and brand. Here’s what we came up with:


In line with this new mission, we will build a million-member testing community. Together, we’ll create the most inclusive, informative & important brand in the lives of testers. This means much more than simply getting paid projects. In fact, as you explore the new uTest, you’ll see:

  • NEWS: Instead of a corporate blog that’s all about us, this is a single-source news feed where you can stay up on all that’s happening in the world of test & QA — interesting presentations, launches of new test tools, interviews with thought leaders, as well as highlighting videos, articles or webinars our community wants to see. And we’re always on the lookout for guest posts, so your voice can be heard as well.
  • COURSES: This is the next-gen of uTest University, and the best place on the planet to learn skills that are relevant for the modern testing world. Want a primer on automation? Check. Need to understand the how Android differs from iOS in the world of testing? Check? Your boss wants a POV on testing for responsive sites? Yep, got that too. These courses come from us, from top members of the community, and from outside guests.
  • DISCUSSIONS: The uTest Forums have been one of the most active test-related discussions on the planet for the past few years. But now we’re taking it to an entirely new level with a larger, more diverse community. Here you can discuss new trends or tech, talk about the life of a tester, solicit or give career advice, or just connect with your fellow uTest community members.
  • TOOL REVIEWS: This one’s entirely new to the uTest experience. As we looked at the discussions in our forums, we realized there was an amazing amount of conversations about which automation tool was best, the best way to create load for mobile, or what to use for testing APIs. So we built the Test Tool Reviews section, where you can rate, review and discuss the tools that are supposed to make our lives easier. And if we’re missing your favorite test tool, you can submit it to us, and we’ll add it right away.
  • EVENTS: Another new addition to uTest. There are a lot of conferences, meetups and webinars scattered across the testing universe. This events calendar will roll them up in one place, so you know what’s happening when & where. And if we’re missing an event or webinar, you can submit it to us and we’ll quickly add it.

So what does this mean for you?

For the uTest community members, it means we’re investing heavily in helping you do more than just earn extra money during your spare time. We want to elevate the profession for you, for your co-workers, for your friends, for your boss. And we want you to be able to contribute — guest posts, interesting stories, tool reviews and more. Oh, and it’s all free.

For test tool vendors, training firms, or events companies, it means we’re creating a way for you to reach the broader audience of test professionals. So you can submit guest posts, let us know about your upcoming event or webinar, and tell us about new products & tools.


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