#ShopOrg13: The Opportunities and Challenges of Digital Retail


uTest’s Booth at Shop.Org ’13

How can you transform your retail brand for the digital world – optimizing your user experience for mobile, tablets and more?

This was one of the many questions that sparked discussion at this week’s Shop.org 2013 Summit. Major retailers from all over – such as leaders from Walgreens, Crate & Barrel, L.L. Bean and Lululemon – flooded the sessions and the exhibit hall to discuss best practices for leveraging web, mobile and tablet traffic – and thus driving bottom line growth and brand awareness.

Keynote Sessions 

One of our favorite keynotes was led by Walgreens’ President and CEO, Gregory D. Wasson. Wasson, joined by the company’s President of eCommerce as well as a Forrester Analyst, spoke about the brand’s journey transforming itself to become a mobile leader. While Walgreens hasn’t lept at every fad, if you want your brand to stay around for 112 years like Walgreens has, you need to stay relevant to people’s lives – and that is exactly what they have done.

While Walgreens is now one of the brands leading innovation in the tech world, it doesn’t come without many big challenges. Some of the biggest challenges Wasson shared in his keynote was the need to integrate the social and mobile experience – as well as dealing with the blurred lines from multiple digital channels. Where users start the shopping process and where they end it are not always on the same device. This means retail brands must create a seamless digital experience across platforms.

The Buzz Around Usability

Refining the user experience and the usability of eCommerce sites and apps was the biggest pain point we heard from retailers. Most of the brands we talked to, while experiencing great success through mobile and web, were still seeing problems reported by their users. The big takeaway was that no matter how well your site or app is working, it can always be improved – and with each improvement more sales and higher user engagement can be achieved. Getting the right device/geographic coverage and scaling their test teams was the challenge retailers claimed to struggle with most – and we were excited to share the uTest in-the-wild testing model with different QA and User Experience leaders at different brands.

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