Crowdsourcing – A Solution for Individuals and Companies

crowdopolis-big-appleThose of you who follow uTest closely are well aware that crowdsourcing is an efficient approach, put to use successfully within our in-the-wild software testing services.  As the job creation in the U.S. continues to lag behind other aspects of the recovery, there is increased discussion around crowdsourcing as an under-utilized way to help increase both the skill sets and marketability of individuals while providing flexibility to companies still staggering from the 2008 collapse.

In a post on’s Global Business Hub Blog, our own Matt Johnston lends his thoughts to this very topic:

“The beauty of crowdsourcing is that, in this economy, no one would think it’s possible,” writes Johnston. “Individuals can actually take their future into their own hands, without worrying about the next round of layoffs, hours being cut, or office politics. For companies weathering the same economic challenges, it’s hard to imagine hiring more full-time employees, regardless of their qualifications.”

Johnston also points out how technology companies have been early adopters of crowdsourcing, using it “for project funding, software testing, IT services, localization and globalization.”

You can hear Johnston talk more about the subject in person tomorrow at the at the Crowdopolis conference in New York City.

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