2012 uTester of the Year

uTesters of the YearIt’s that time again! The uTest team is thrilled to announce the results of our fourth annual “uTester of the Year” Award.

Each year, we recognize uTesters who have consistently gone above and beyond their call of duty – whether it’s through their participation in uTest projects or their commitment to mentoring fellow testers within the community. This year’s winners were chosen by our community and project management teams, who have the privilege of working closely with top notch talent from all around the world.

Choosing finalists was particularly difficult this time around. The challenge was enlightening, because it reminded us of the tremendous pool of talent and dedication that exists within the uTest community.

We spent hours on end debating amongst ourselves and sifting through a long list of finalists. After comparing both quantitative and qualitative data from internal uTest teams and customers, we are confident we have chosen the best of the best from the uTest community.

As uTest talent continues to grow, so too do our awards. This year, we are thrilled to announce two new categories: Top Onsite Tester and Mentor of the Year.

Without further ado, let’s meet our 2012 winners:

Top honor for the 2012 award goes to Moritz Schoenberg from Germany

Moritz joined uTest in the spring of 2010 and quickly achieved a gold rating in functional testing, as well as a silver rating in usability and localization. He is not only a great software tester, but Moritz goes above and beyond in his Test Team Lead responsibilities. Furthermore, he has since moved on to work on-site at one of our customer’s offices in Germany, handling a wide variety of QA work and planning.

In his own words:

“The last year has been pretty amazing – thanks to all the PMs, TTLs and fellow testers I had the pleasure of working with. Not only did I get on track with TTL-ing, but also started on-site in the summer.

The project has been more than interesting and I’ve learned a lot. Working on-site with a big in-house testing team for one of the biggest companies has been a new experience to me, since I previously worked mainly on smaller-scale projects.

My special thanks goes to uTest and the people directly involved in this project; I couldn’t have done it without you, your professionalism, ability to work on extremely tight schedules and willingness to always go that extra mile!

Receiving this award is a great honor – and I’m looking forward to whatever uTest projects are coming this year.”

Mortiz is joined on the “uTester of the Year” list by many other top-notch testers who continue to go above and beyond in the uTest Community. Here’s a look at the complete list of winners:

  • Most Valuable Tester: Moritz Schoenberg, Germany
  • Top Test Team Lead: David Honeyball, United Kingdom
  • Top Mobile Tester: Sammy Iqbal, Netherlands
  • Top Onsite Tester: Moritz Schoenberg, Germany
  • Mentor of the Year: Lucas Dargis, United States

In addition to the special category awards, we’re proud to recognize the following testers as top testers of 2012:

  • Aaron Weintrob, United States
  • Adam Gerber, United States
  • Alex Siminiuc, Canada
  • Andy Merrill, United States
  • Angela Cobb, United States
  • Atul Angra, India
  • David Oreol, United Stated
  • Federico Capucci, Argentina
  • Gagan Talwar, India
  • Georgios Boletis, Greece
  • Joseph Jay Pena, Japan
  • Nicola Sedgwick, United Kingdom
  • Ravi Yedati, United States
  • Todd Miller, United States
  • Zarina Mohammad, United States

Congratulations to all our 2012 uTest winners. We are excited to see the competition continue to stiffen in 2013 as our pool of talent within the uTest community expands. It’s the outstanding testers who display consistent performance and engage in as many opportunities as possible, all without sacrificing quality, that really shine. With that said, best of luck to our 2013 candidates and please take some time to congratulate our 2012 winners by dropping a comment below. Happy testing!

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  1. David Davies says

    I have only worked with Aaron and Andy so I will extend my congratulations to them. Good job…it is nice working with you both and hope to do so more in the future..

  2. Joseph Johann Pena says

    I’m so honored to part of the list!

    Congratulations my fellow testers! I know this year will be tougher to judge since there are really a lot of new excellent testers in uTest!

    Goodluck to everyone!

  3. Lena Houser says

    Congratulations to all the winners! I am especially proud of Sammy and Georgios! You both are Rock Stars and did a phenomenal job for the customer. It’s been a privilege working with both of you. Keep up the good work!

  4. Georgios Boletis says

    Congratulations to everyone on the list!

    It really feels so great reading your name on it. Such an honor!

  5. Ryan says

    Awesome job everyone and having worked with many of you this well deserved. The bar has been set high! Congrats again!

    - Ryan

  6. says

    Thanks UTest! Having a tester of the year award is great. It is good for a newbie like me as well as other veterans to see the good work being done worldwide. It serves as an example and benchmark to see what we can strive for; and for the winners it serves as a direct confirmation of their consistent top effort and achievements.

    Congratulations all!

  7. says

    This is my 3rd “uTester of the year” award – one for each year with uTest and each year bolsters my confidence and abilities.

    I never set out to be an award winning tester or a “known name” in the community – I just wanted to help customers get the best possible service and earn some money as a side effect of having fun. I’ve got that and more…. I work with other amazing people on this list.

    Congratulations everyone!

  8. Federico Capucci says

    Yay!, made it on the list :)

    Congratulations to everyone on that list, and hopefully everyone will make a great effort this year to appear on the next round.

    Thanks uTest!

  9. Kathleen Pinette says

    Congratulations to all! Great job and nice to be recognized for your hard work. Watch out 2013….here I come!!!

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