Is 2011 The Year Of The Mobile Enterprise App?

We write a lot about the latest and greatest apps on smartphones, tablets and other devices. But what about enterprise apps? We haven’t taken a look inside the enterprise for signs of a mobile app uptick (support or implementation) in quite sometime. That’s why this study conducted by Kelton Research really struck a chord.

Yesterday, Kelton Research announced the results of their study on mobile enterprise apps, and I think they may shock you. According to Kelton, a whopping 90% of U.S. and UK IT managers surveyed will implement new mobile apps in 2011! 250 IT managers in the U.S. and UK at companies with revenue of $100MM+ were polled.

At first, I thought these stats seemed slightly inflated, but the more research I did, the more surveys I found that indicated that 2011 is indeed the year of the mobile enterprise app. In fact, ABI Research expects worldwide enterprise mobile data revenues to reach $133 billion by 2014.

With new apps for BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad, and Android making deep in-roads in healthcare, finance, education, media, and retail, employees are using mobile apps to access everything from CRM systems, to financial results, to marketing campaigns, to tracking orders, etc.

Another very interesting finding in the Kelton study… Saving money is the most popular reason (63%) for deploying mobile apps (chart above). I agree with Eric Lai of ZDNet who said, “It’s heartening, as it shows that mobilizing appears to be a fiscally sound strategy, not something with a pie-in-the-sky ROI.”

Some other interesting stats from the study include:

  • Nearly one in two believe that successfully managing mobile applications will top their priority list
  • 56% consider customizing company information for mobile purposes a crucial part of conducting business
  • 21%  look to introduce 20 or more mobile apps into their organization
  • IT managers report that possible data security issues with mobile applications cause more problems (65 percent) than implementation (25 percent) or employee adoption hurdles (10 percent)
  • One in two respondents (50 percent) say that employee demand is driving the adoption of new mobile apps

Do you think enterprises are ready?

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  • Jay Wilder says:

    Thanks for this…we’re seeing the same. Interesting that cost savings is driving adoption. Just did some additional research on mobile ’11 specific to Tablets, content consumption increases, and challenges across platforms if interested:

  • Thanks Jay! Definitely a wealth of solid research in your post. Everyone should check it out if interested in some great research on tablet growth and strategies for/impact on content creation.