10 Steps to Becoming a Better Software Tester

Want to become a better tester? These ten steps will get you there – guaranteed!

  1. Test.
  2. Test more.
  3. Test even more.
  4. Test even more than that.
  5. Test when you don’t want to.
  6. Test when you do.
  7. Test when there are lots of projects.
  8. Test when there are not.
  9. Test every day.
  10. Keep testing.

This list was adapted from Brian Clark’s 10 Steps to Becoming a Better Writer (link). So what advice do YOU have for becoming a better tester? Let us know in the comment section.

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  1. Kaushik says

    It is better to involve you in public life. Learn more about the culture and trends followed in the minds of your surrounding. Study the positives and negatives in each mind. Easier to find the mistakes they do. Easier to normalize the regression tests followed. User acceptance helps to give a quality of the product.

  2. Ted Dezso says

    The better tester is the individual that “visions” how the product will be used. This includes not only what is documented, but the better tester will also create new test cases learned through on hands development with the software . The better tester is curious and will think outside of the box. The better tester is an expert on the functionality of the software product . The better tester doesn’t just test more, but understands more.

  3. says

    while experience is important, it’s not enough to gain expertise. So between testing, you should think about the tests. read about the tests, learn about tests, talk about tests and write about tests. you will probably do less testing but you’ll be better tester and not only older tester.

  4. Howard Rubin says

    Make sure you are rested.
    Take a break once in awhile to get a fresh view.

    Rather going back and reviewing the testing requirements every time on the site, copy and paste all the necessary information to a txt document, it will always be quickly available and will also save time manually entering long URL addresses when you can copy / paste into your reports or address bars.

  5. Preetha Rajesh says

    To become a better tester,
    1. Do more and more analysis from the starting phase of SDLC.
    2. Document it whatever your understanding, doubts to be cleared etc from the BRD phase iteslf by interacting with developers, business analysts.
    My experience – If you spent more time in the intial stages for analyzing and documenting, you will definetly be able to perform the best while execution. End result will be faster execution with High Quality output which really matters.

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