10 Reasons to Fix Software Bugs Right Away

Software BugsAdventures in QA came across this great infographic by Andy Glover (Cartoon Tester) and Matt Archer that beautifully illustrates why you should fix a bug a soon a you find it. The infographic is quite big so here’s a quick overview of the reasons they list:

  1. Unfixed bugs camouflage other bugs
  2. Unfixed bugs suggest quality isn’t important
  3. Discussing unfixed bugs is a waste of time
  4. Unfixed bugs lead to duplicate effort
  5. Unfixed bugs lead to unreliable metrics
  6. Unfixed bugs distract the entire team
  7. Unfixed bugs hinder short-notice releases
  8. Unfixed bugs lead to inaccurate estimates
  9. Fixing familiar code is easier than unfamiliar code
  10. Fixing a bug today costs less than tomorrow

Check out the full infographic for illustrations and the reasoning behind each point.

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  1. Peter Russell says

    If I had infinite resources I’d fix all the bugs. One of the reasons we do content planning and use our configuration managment features like branching is to enable management decisioning making that is as “late” bound as possible. Bugs get fixed according to priority/severity/risk and best use of scarce resources. This utopian dream is not commercially realistic. Also this article seems to be about “fix” all but ends up talking more about “find” all. This is a confused aim.

  2. says

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  3. Garp says

    So now the question is: why bugs aren’t fixed?
    - lack of resources, time
    - non-liability of software developers
    - …

  4. vince says

    Unfixed bugs is a pain for testers as they have to search for duplicate bugs before reporting a new bug. If the number of bugs is huge, the risk to report duplicate bugs is higher. Thus, it is also a waste of time.

  5. Shilpa Basu says

    Cost of Fixing a bug increases with the Software Lifecycle progresses, thus fixing them is important as soon as they are found. Secondly, One bug may be masking another bugs, which may lead to unexpected behavior. So, these 2 are the most important reasons to fix a bug as soon as its found.

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