Testing to Break: Tesla Model X Testing Autopilot

2014-tesla-model-x-3-429-photo-441419-s-originalThe 2014 SyScan conference already ushered in a new era of testing by offering a $10,000 bounty for any tester who was able to remotely access a Tesla Model S’ automobile operating system.

This latest Tesla testing escapade makes that one seem like child’s play.

According to Gas2, as the Tesla Model X nears its debut, a “spy video shows a test driver purposely trying to crash a Model X test mule, no doubt putting the next-gen Autopilot system through its paces.”

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uTest Tester Platform: TTL and App Updates for April 23, 2015

uTest Test Team Leads (TTLs) provide an invaluable service to Applause Project Managers (PMs) and customers. As such, it is important we ensure that TTLs are able to conduct their work in an efficient and effective way. This week’s Platform Updates are focused around TTL workflows and productivity enablement.

TTL: Mandatory value tier suggestions and rejection reasons

Part of the TTL’s role is to minimize overhead for Applause customers. This is especially true when performing bug triage. Previously, TTLs with Basic privileges could only suggest value tiers and rejection reasons when setting bugs to ‘Pending.’

Going forward, value tier suggestions and rejection reasons will be mandatory fields for TTLs to complete when triaging bugs. However, the default selection for value tier is “somewhat.”

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Software Testing Industry to be Valued at $71 Billion by 2018

Mobile-AppsApple is releasing its polarizing-yet-hotly-anticipated Apple Watch this week amongst much fanfare, and just capped off a couple of quarters with its most successful iPhone sales ever. The just-released Galaxy S6 was labeled the best Android phone of all time, and will likely sell like hotcakes, along with its S6 Edge counterpart.

On the apps side, where these devices truly shine, you’ve got Snapchat valued at $15 billion. And this is a business model that has only started to generate any revenue.

Is it any wonder, then, that by 2018, the global software testing industry will be valued at nearly $71 billion?

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uTesters: Be Our Facebook Cover Photo

IMG_5071 You don’t have to be uTesting from a mountain or even from a hammock outdoors (although that sounds quite relaxing right now…). We want to see you as you uTest in your natural habitat…wherever that is…as part of our new weekly contest through the end of May!

By posting your best photo(s) to our Facebook page, the uTest Community Management team will select one favorite entry that will become the uTest Facebook’s cover photo for the week!

Not only will your testing scene be in all it’s glory in front of our nearly 36,000 testers that have ‘liked’ our page, you’ll also receive a uTest swag pack full of uTest gear including t-shirts, pens, and other goodies we can’t yet reveal.

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Mobile App Dating: Is Psychology (and Salad) the Key to True Love?

The market has seen an explosion in dating apps recently. What started out as a relatively straightforward model, in which 1363963082_1180_Datingusers fill out profiles and are subsequently either matched up with potential mates or do the filtering themselves, has rapidly evolved to include a wide array of apps with all types of spin-offs and niche products.

To illustrate this point, there is currently a mobile app in the iTunes store called SaladMatch which aims to connect users based on their salad preferences.

With this type of rapid expansion, one might assume that it would be difficult to observe any sort of meaningful trend running through all of these newcomers. As it turns out, this is not the case, as the most noticeable trend is actually rooted in a number of theories from the field of Psychology.

Generally speaking, as the number of choices a consumer is given increases, their chances of making a purchase decreases. This is rather counterintuitive, as one would expect that more options would equate to a greater likelihood of someone finding a product or decision path that matches up with their wants and needs. However, research from a number of sources has indicated that this expectation does not hold true.

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The Deep, Dark Fears of a Software Tester

Indiana Jones’ fear is snakes. For Superman, he is powerless in the face of Kryponite. For me, spiders are an unpleasant monstersincexperience. Our uTest community is a pretty cool, collected bunch, so it would be hard to imagine them being scared of anything.

But uTester Marek Langhans approached our community members with this exact question recently in our Forums, and surprisingly, there were a few things that surfaced keeping our testers up at night.


As some organizations move their in-house testing teams to cheaper offshore services, job security for software testers is perennially a concern.  Said one uTester simply enough as to what they fear — ‘the time when my company goes for outsourced testing.’

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Learn How to Get Your First uTest Paid Project

little-uWith our community growing at a furious pace (and recently hitting 175,000+ software testing professionals worldwide), the Community Management Team put together some resources for new uTesters who may be getting to know the ins and outs of testing for us.

Our new course in uTest University, “How to Get Your First uTest Paid Project,” offers resources and guidelines to help you in fast-tracking the timetable to your first paid project.

Before you jump into the course, check that you have an Expanded Profile. If you’ve entered device or environment information into the Platform, then you are all set. If not, follow the instructions to expand your profile so that you are eligible for paid projects.

A highlight of the new course is a handy list of activities that can increase your odds in getting chosen for your first test cycle. Those activities include:

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The ‘On-Demand Economy’ is Transforming Commerce

uberThe term on-demand economy is garnering a lot of attention these days. It’s used to describe the burgeoning segment of companies that promise customers instant access to goods and services that historically have required a longer waiting period or more convoluted steps in order to attain.

Additionally, these companies typically employ freelance employees only, and utilize a mobile app as a means of completing transactions. A few examples of the on-demand economy in action are Instacart, a grocery delivery service, Uber, an app-powered livery service, and Handy, a home-services booking app.

Recently, a new entrant to the on-demand economy game called Magic was announced. Magic promises to be the concierge for all things delivery, as users simply send an SMS containing their order, and a Magic employee on the other end coordinates all the details.

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uTest and TechWell Announce Winner of STAREAST Trip

uTest and TechWell are happy to announce that one lucky uTester has been selected as the winner of an expenses-paid triplogoStarEast to STAREAST 2015 in Orlando, Florida!

As part of this recent uTest & TechWell contest, uTest community members filmed their most compelling 20-second videos on why they should be sent to STAREAST 2015, the premier event for software testers and quality assurance professionals. Our community then took part in selecting their favorite submissions in a voting session that ended earlier this week.

Judges have poured over the most liked and voted videos to pick the lucky winner from a group of amazing entries, and we’re happy to announce that a decision has been made!

The lucky uTester going to STAREAST is (with a virtual drumroll, of course):

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‘Make Like a Tester’ in Your New Role

It’s not hard to find articles about recruitment and testers. Hell, I’ve even written one myself. It’s also not that hard to find material onblog_copy what test teams can do to bed their new testers in once they’ve got them, and I particularly like the way Testhead and Joep Schuurkes talk about it.

But I don’t see so many pieces aimed at testers starting a new role.

Over the last seven or so years I’ve been recruiting testers, my expectations about what I’d like them to do when they start work have changed. That’s for all sorts of reasons including that: Our needs have changed, I’ve had great suggestions from the team, I’ve seen brilliant and unexpected action by new team members and even that I have more of an idea of what I’m doing now (Yeah, even managers don’t always know everything. Who’d have guessed?).

So, here’s some of the stuff I say at the moment to my new hires. As always with testing, there are few, if any, absolutes: What works for one person in one context at one time might not work well for others in others at others.

You’ll notice that some of the suggestions overlap and some are in tension. The context arguments apply to you, too — your context will differ day to day, and so the actions you take should differ, too. Keep that in mind. I certainly do.

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Meet the uTesters: David Petura

David Petura hails from the Czech Republic, and is a Gold-rated tester on paid projects at uTest. He has over three years of software testing experience. 94837David is currently serving his second quarter as a uTest Forums moderator, and was recently voted by his uTest peers as one of the Q1 2015 Testers of the Quarter.

In addition to David’s interview, also check out all of the past entries in our Meet the uTesters series!

uTest: Android or iOS?

David: For daily usage — definitely Android. It gives so much flexibility with handling files, editing text, changing configuration, and so on. I used iOS for a few months, but had to go back to Android — I like the freedom that comes along with this OS.

Now the more interesting part for uTest — I like to test iOS more. Many could say that on Android you find more bugs, but I wouldn’t be so sure about this. There are some specific bugs on iOS which are really easy to find, and the overall quality on iOS seems a lot better than on Android, which gives me a better feeling when I test these apps.

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uTester Shares Experience From TestIstanbul 2015

TestIstanbulIf you’ll remember, uTest partnered with TestIstanbul 2015 as a Supportive Organization for the software testing conference.

This year’s TestIstanbul took place last Friday in Istanbul, Turkey, and one of our uTesters made the trip to this largest software testing conference in South East Europe and the Middle East.

Bronze-rated uTester and QA Engineer at Monitise Ziya (Ilkem) Erogul was gracious to share some of his thoughts on the show. Here’s Ilkem in his own words.

“First of all, it was an amazing experience for me to be at the TestIstanbul conference this year, both as a Monitise QA Engineer and a uTester. This is especially so as Monitise was one of the most important exhibitors, and uTest was the most well-known supportive organization at the event.

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